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This collection of BSD Make directives aims at providing a highly


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portable build system targetting modern UNIX systems and supporting common or less command languages. This is a build system, which means that it can be used to organise fairly complex projects.

BSD Owl Scripts assists developers in the production, installation and distribution of projects comprising the following types of products:

  • C programs, compiled for several targets
  • C libraries, static and shared, compiled for several targets
  • Shell scripts
  • Python scripts
  • OCaml programs
  • OCaml libraries, with ocamldoc documentation
  • OCaml plugins
  • TeX documents, prepared for several printing devices
  • METAPOST figures, with output as PDF, PS, SVG or PNG, either as part of a TeX document or as standalone documents

BSD Owl Scripts offers developers a rich set of features easing project management:

  • Support of compilation profiles
  • Support of the parallel mode (at the directory level)
  • Support of separate trees for sources and objects
  • Support of architecture-dependant compilation options
  • Support GNU autoconf
  • Production of GPG-signed tarballs
  • Developer subshell, empowered with project-specific scripts
  • Literate programming using noweb
  • Preprocessing with m4



bsd bmake build

Published: 31 Aug 2015


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