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Rendering Cairo on Gtk2 canvas


Dune Dependency





0.6.4 2022-09-28

  • Be compatible with OCaml 5.0 (@kit-ty-kate).

0.6.3 2022-05-20

  • Fix bug in Path.fold.

  • Extend Image.get_data* to bigarrays with externally managed payload.

0.6.2 2020-11-23

  • Fix a memory leak (#19).

  • Fix GCC warnings, in particular the “multiple definition of …” (#23).

  • Clarify the license.

  • Use dune-configurator.

0.6.1 2019-03-20

  • Fix create_for_data32 handling of dimensions.

  • Documentation improvements.

  • Fix dependencies for cairo2-gtk and cairo2-pango.

0.6 2018-09-05

  • New Ft module to support FreeType fonts. This is enabled if the package conf-freetype is installed. On the C side, the exported header file cairo_ocaml.h defines the macro OCAML_CAIRO_HAS_FT when the Cairo bindings were compiled with TrueType support.

  • New package Cairo2-pango providing the module Cairo_pango.

  • Remove labels that were not bringing a clear benefit. With Dune default behavior, users will feel compelled to write labels which was cluttering the code with the previous interface. With Merlin, it is now possible to have the documentation of a function under the cursor displayed with a simple keystroke which should alleviate having slightly less documentation in the types.

  • Improve the documentation.

  • Use Dune (not the former Jbuilder) to compile.