package capnp

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Module type
Class type
type ro =
type rw =
module Make (Storage : sig ... end) : MessageSig.S with type Segment.storage_t = Storage.t and type Message.storage_t = Storage.t
module BytesMessage : MessageSig.S with type Segment.storage_t = Bytes.t and type Message.storage_t = Bytes.t

BytesMessage is the standard message format based on OCaml bytes buffers.

exception Invalid_message of string

Invalid_message is raised by accessor functions whenever the access cannot be completed because the message appears to be ill-formed.

exception Out_of_int_range of string

Out_of_int_range is raised by convenience accessor functions when a getter retrieves a value which cannot be expressed as an OCaml int.

val invalid_msg : string -> 'a

invalid_msg err is equivalent to raise (Invalid_message err).

val out_of_int_range : string -> 'a

out_of_int_range err is equivalent to raise (Out_of_int_range err).


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