package carbon

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OCaml library for accessing various Carbon Intensity APIs


Dune Dependency






Carbon Intensity is an OCaml client for querying various energy grid APIs to understand the energy generation mix. This enables programs like schedulers, energy monitors etc. to have a better understanding of their carbon intensity.

The API provides geographic-specific services, which allow you to exploit more fine-grained APIs and then a generic Intensity interface for a global-oriented API.

Integrated APIs

  • Great Britain:


  • France:


  • Misc:

    • (requires API key)


A very simple use of the region specific API for Great Britain only requires the user to provide Eio's network capability.

# @@ fun env -> (module Mirage_crypto_rng.Fortuna) env @@ fun _ ->
  Carbon.Gb.get_intensity env#net
  |> Eio.traceln "%a" Carbon.Gb.Intensity.pp;;
+period: 2022-08-28T17:30Z - 2022-08-28T18:00Z
+forecast: 255 gCO2/kWh
+actual: None
+index: high
- : unit = ()

Some APIs require more configuration, for example an access token. In order to use them you will need to construct a configuration and pass this into any calls that are made. For example:

# @@ fun env -> (module Mirage_crypto_rng.Fortuna) env @@ fun _ ->
  let token = Eio.Path.(load (env#fs / ".co2-token")) in
  let t = Carbon.Co2_signal.v token in
  Carbon.Co2_signal.get_intensity ~net:env#net ~country_code:`FR t
  |> Eio.traceln "%a" Carbon.Co2_signal.Intensity.pp;;
+country: FR
+datetime: 2022-08-29T11:00:00.000Z
+intensity: 99 gCO2/kWh
+fossil fuel percentage: 15.230000
- : unit = ()