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Parses a C program into Cabs AST and dumps as an XML document


Dune Dependency





FrontC v4.0

FrontC is C language front-end. It provides the program in "C Abstract Form", a tree representation of the original C source. It may be used for many source works including:

  • compilation,

  • source pre-processing,

  • source beautification,

  • source analysis,

  • and so on.

It provides also an XML back-end making easier to transform the C program using XML tools like XSLT (it was my first goal when I perform this task).


The ctoxml package provides a


The calipso package provides a program analysis tool that removes non-structural control-flow from C programs. See for more details. The tool provides two binaries, calipso and calipso_stat

FrontC v3.0 (stable)

The stable branch supports only ANSI C (C89) with partial support for some GNU extensions. This branch is using ocamlyacc as a parser generator and doesn't accept new features, only occasional bug fixes.

Building and Installing

The easiest option is to install using opam, e.g.,

opam install FrontC # or calipso, or ctoxml

The command above will install the latest version of the package from the opam-repositor. To get the current development (not yet released to version of a package, you can use the opam pin command, e.g.,

opam pin FrontC --dev-repo

You can also just clone this repo and do

make && make install # translates to `dune build && dune install`

If you change anything do not forget to run tests with make test.


You can easily get the documentation using odig,

odig doc FrontC

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