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GitLab CI/CD and GitHub Action workflows used by and with Diskuv OCaml (DKML) tooling


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1.2.0 (v1)

  • Upgrade OCaml from 4.12.1 to 4.14.0

  • Desktop testing for Linux works with plain MSYS2 on Windows (using docker)

  • Fix bug on GitLab CI where MSYS2 calling into cmd.exe could leave the GitLab CI session as Command Prompt rather than the usual PowerShell.

1.1.0 (v1)

New Features:

  • Desktop testing for macOS/Intel (or macOS/ARM64 with Rosetta emulator) and Linux 32/64-bit on Intel/AMD

  • Help messages for desktop testing on Windows

  • Optional secondary switch two in addition to primary switch dkml enabled with input variable SECONDARY_SWITCH=true

Breaking changes:

  • The GitLab job names build_linux, build_macos and build_win32 are now private job names .linux:setup-dkml, .macos:setup-dkml and .win32:setup-dkml. This means in your own .gitlab-ci.yml you will need an "extends" statement, like so:

      extends: .linux:setup-dkml # ADD THIS ONE LINE!
        - opamrun exec -- echo Build me some Linux stuff

    Why break the API?

    This change was done so you could do incremental staged builds where job A does only the setup (which caches the OCaml compiler) and where the second job B does both the setup and the full build of your OCaml code. By using a private job name that starts with a dot (.) like .linux:setup-dkml, both job A and job B can extend from .**OS**:setup-dkml to share the setting up of the OCaml compiler cache.

    The benefit you get for the extra complexity is that you are more likely to stay under GitLab runner time limits; the shared SaaS GitLab runners time out jobs at 2 hours. For example Job A can take one hour or more for Windows when you enable SECONDARY_SWITCH=true.

    Hypothetically you could do a full build of your code without the caching of the OCaml compiler that took 2.5 hours. GitLab would fail your full build with time limit failures. But by splitting job A from job B, job A takes 1-1.5 hours while job B would only take 1.5 hours plus a few minutes for reading the cache of job A. Now both job A and job B can work without running into time limits.

    Why is it a minor break?

    Since there was no announcement of the previous 1.0.0 version, it is unlikely anyone is broken. And if anyone is broken, they just need to add three extends: .setup_dkml_XXX to their script.

Other changes:

  • Performance: Linux CI now avoids ~10 second ManyLinux (dockcross) unnecessary recursive chown of root:root owned container files. As long as calling user is root (which is true for GitHub Actions and GitLab CI/CD) the chown operation is skipped.

  • Remove unused gl_tags matrix variable

1.0.0 (v1)

New Features:

  1. Support GitLab CI/CD

  2. Support desktop testing on Windows

  3. GitHub now uses a composite action rather than a child workflow, resulting in less artifact copying and quicker builds.

There are significant breaking changes. It will be far easier to onboard with the new version v1 instructions and then remove your v0 code, rather than try to do an in-place upgrade:

  • Any custom build logic you have in your GitHub workflow should go into the new ci/ Alternatively, if you don't care about ever running troubleshooting CI on your desktop or GitLab, directly into your new .github/workflows/build-with-dkml.yml.

Breaking changes:

  • The GitHub child workflow has been replaced by a GitHub composite action

  • Input variables have been renamed to allow the same variable names between GitHub Actions and GitLab CI/CD (the latter does not support dashes in variable names).

    Old Name New Name
    cache-prefix CACHE_PREFIX
    ocaml-compiler OCAML_COMPILER
    dkml-compiler DKML_COMPILER
    conf-dkml-cross-toolchain CONF_DKML_CROSS_TOOLCHAIN
    diskuv-opam-repository DISKUV_OPAM_REPOSITORY
    ocaml-options ocaml_options
    vsstudio-arch vsstudio_arch
    vsstudio-hostarch vsstudio_hostarch
    vsstudio-dir vsstudio_dir
    vsstudio-vcvarsver vsstudio_vcvarsver
    vsstudio-winsdkver vsstudio_winsdkver
    vsstudio-msvspreference vsstudio_msvspreference
    vsstudio-cmakegenerator vsstudio_cmakegenerator
  • Matrix variables have been renamed to allow the same variable names between GitHub Actions and GitLab CI/CD (the latter does not support dashes in variable names).

  • The shell matrix variable default_shell has been renamed gh_unix_shell

  • The operating system matrix variable has been reorganized to distingush GitHub from GitLab:

    • os is now gh_os and in use only for GitHub Actions

    • gl_tags and gl_image are the new GitLab CI/CD equivalents. GitLab CI/CD uses tags like [shared-windows, windows, windows-1809] to specify the type of runner machine to use, and for macOS image you can supply an XCode version like macos-11-xcode-12.


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