package dns

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OCaml-DNS - DNS client and server implementation in pure OCaml

This is a pure OCaml implementation of the DNS protocol. It is intended to be a reasonably high-performance implementation, but clarity is preferred rather than low-level performance hacks.

To build it, please use the OPAM package manager (1.2+):

opam pin add dns .

This will install the dependencies needed and give you a working development version of the library.


  • lib/ contains the core DNS protocol, which is packed into the Dns module.

  • lib_test/ contains unit tests and sample uses of the library. In particular, time_server is a simple dynamic responder.

Areas that need work:

  • We need an Lwt-based client iterative resolver Patches for this are highly welcome!

  • EDNS0 extensions

  • DNSSEC extensions (using nocrypto)

  • TC bit and TCP fallback

  • mDNS resolver