package dns

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Domain name and label handling.

  • author Tim Deegan
  • author Richard Mortier <mort\> (documentation)
type label

DNS label, including pointer and zero.

type t

Domain name, as a list of labels ordered from the leaf to the root.

type key = string

Lookup key for the Trie.

module Map : Stdlib.Map.S with type key = t

Domain name map

module Set : Stdlib.Set.S with type elt = t

Domain name set

val empty : t

empty is the empty t.

val to_string_list : t -> string list

to_string_list name is the label list corresponding to name.

val of_string_list : string list -> t

of_string_list slist is the domain name corresponding to label list slist.

val append : t -> t -> t

append a b is the domain name of the concatenation of a and b.

val cons : string -> t -> t

cons label name is the domain name with subdomain label under name.

val to_string : t -> string

to_string name is the normal, human-readable string serialization of name without the trailing dot.

val of_string : string -> t

of_string name is the domain name parsed out of the normal, human-readable serialization name.

val string_to_domain_name : string -> t

string_to_domain_name is of_string but retained for backward compatibility.

  • deprecated

    since 0.15.0; use of_string in new developments

val of_ipaddr : Ipaddr.t -> t

of_ipaddr ip is the name used for reverse lookup of IP address ip.

val parse : (int, label) Stdlib.Hashtbl.t -> int -> Cstruct.t -> t * (int * Cstruct.t)

Parse a t out of a Cstruct.t given a set of already observed names from the packet, and the offset we are into the packet.

  • returns

    t and the remainder

val marshal : ?compress:bool -> int Map.t -> int -> Cstruct.t -> t -> int Map.t * int * Cstruct.t
val hashcons_string : string -> string Hashcons.hash_consed

Construct a Hashcons character-string from a string.

val hashcons : t -> t Hashcons.hash_consed

Construct a Hashcons domain name (list of labels) from a t.

val clear_cons_tables : unit -> unit

Clear the Hashcons tables.

exception BadDomainName of string

Malformed input to canon2key.

val to_key : t -> key

Convert a canonical [ "www"; "example"; "com" ] domain name into a key.

val dnssec_compare : t -> t -> int
val dnssec_compare_str : string list -> string list -> int

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