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A tool library for automated deduction tools


Dune Dependency







  • Added source input snippet printing for errors and warnings

  • Fix a bug affecting warning options (e.g. dolmen --warn=+all triggered an uncaught exception that is now fixed)


  • Fix bug in SMTLIB syntax (v2.6 and poly), where the define-funs-rec syntax construction expected an open paren at the end instead of a closing paren


  • Complete the typing of alt-ergo's builtins PR#89

  • Added exhaustivity and redundant pattern matching analysis (redundant patterns trigger a warning, whereas inexhaustive pattern matching trigger a typing error) part of PR#89

  • Removed the typing of real and extended bitvector literals from the Float theory. These are not part of the FP specification, so it's better for Dolmen to be strict. Additionally, dependengin on the order of theories, they could shadow the proper typing of such literals and result in bogus warnings/errors PR#79 (see also Issue#43 Issue#74)

  • Fixed the handling of the reset and reset-assertions commands of smtlibv2.6. Previsously reset was ignored, and reset-assertions was treated as reset (meaning that any set-logic were erased). These two commands should now be correctly implemented in the typing loop. PR#80

  • Added a warning for multiple set-logics PR#82

  • Added a hint to suggest a missing theory when a literal is unbound. PR#81


  • Added proper abstractions for names and paths. Names are used instead of strings for parsed identifiers (Id.t), while Paths are used instead of strings for typed identifiers ( This results in a speedup on some smtlib problems because indexed identifiers no longer need to be encoded and then split.

  • Added to Dolmen a custom implementation of Radix tries for a better indexation of strings. This results in signifcant speedup on large problem.

  • Added some convenience modules for testing and profiling (Timer and Stats)

  • The pipeline now delegates the task of printing backtraces for excpetions to the caller/finally argument of the run function

  • the Dolmen_loop library now has an added dependency on pp_loc (used for the source input printing)

  • updated version bounds on cmdliner and pp_locs



  • The official github release now provides access to already built binaries for dolmen and dolmenls, for linux (ubuntu) and macos

  • The LSP server has been updated to depend on linol~0.2


  • Smtlib2 let-bindings were treated as sequential, but are now treated as parrallel as specified by the spec; i.e. the following is now correctly rejected: (let (x 0) (y x) (...))


  • Added support for higher order, including tptp's THF and Zf

  • Optimized some corner cases of the typechecker to avoid exponential blowups


  • The interface of the Expr module has changed to support higher-order

  • Additionally, there is now proper support for type aliases (which are expanded on demand as necessary), in Expr

  • There is now a new typechecker module exposed as Thf for typing higher order expressions



  • Added a functorized typechecker for all language supported by Dolmen

  • Added a LSP server for all language supported by Dolmen


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