package dream-cli

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Create a CLI to configure Dream applications.

val run : ?interface:string -> ?port:int -> ?stop:unit Lwt.t -> ?error_handler:Dream.error_handler -> ?tls:bool -> ?certificate_file:string -> ?key_file:string -> ?builtins:bool -> ?greeting:bool -> ?adjust_terminal:bool -> ?commands:int Cmdliner.Cmd.t list -> Dream.handler -> unit

Runs the Web application represented by the handler.

If one of the optional argument is provided, its value will be used statically and no CLI argument will be available to configure it dynamically.

Note that stop and error_handler don't have any CLI argument, they are simply passed to

Each optional argument can also be provided through an environment variable (e.g. interface can be provided with DREAM_INTERFACE). Run the binary with --help to access the CLI manual.