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Library for writing Emacs plugin in OCaml


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Release v0.16.0

  • Ecaml is now built and tested against Emacs 27.2 (was Emacs 26.3).

  • Stop loading library cl.el, which is deprecated (Ecaml uses cl-lib now instead).

  • Basic data types

    • Removed deprecated module type Value.Type.Enum. Users should now use Value.Type.Enum.S instead.

    • Add Filename.extension, a wrapper for file-name-extension.

    • Add Emacs_version.major_version, a wrapper for variable emacs-major-version.

    • Add Hook.Function.symbol, which retrieves the name of a given hook function.

    • Process.call_exn now accepts an optional ?stderr argument, which specifies what to do with the standard error output from the process. The default, Mix, retains the old behavior of interleaving it with the standard output. It can also be dropped with Drop_if_ok or redirected elsewhere with Split.

    • Advice.defun_around_funcall now raises a more informative error message when the advice function's arity does not match the advised function's.

  • Buffers and Text

    • Add Buffer.is_modified, a wrapper for buffer-modified-p.

    • Current_buffer.active_region now checks use-region-p instead of mark-active.

    • Add optional arguments max_duration and max_costs for Current_buffer.replace_buffer_contents. See the docstring for replace-buffer-contents.

    • Add Kill_ring.current_kill_exn, which returns the first item in the kill ring (the one that would be inserted by yank). It can also return text copied from another GUI application, if available. This is a wrapper for current-kill.

    • Add Overlay.delete_property. This sets an overlay property to nil, as Emacs doesn't expose a way to actually remove the property from an overlay's plist; for most text properties, a nil value has the same effect as a missing one.

    • Add Point.Property_search module, which wraps text-property-search-forward and its required argument types.

    • Add wrappers for text property names: Text.Property_name.{after_string,before_string,invisible}, equivalent to after-string, before-string, and invisible.

    • Add Rx.Char_class.Named, which allows specifying a character class by name (e.g., "alphabetic", "digit"), rather than by listing them in a string or specifying a range.

  • Commands

    • Add type Symbol.Disabled.t, which allows disabled commands to include a message, such as to explain why a command was disabled. This message is displayed when the user attempts to run the disabled command. defun_* ?disabled arguments use the new type.

    • Add Key_sequence.invoking_this_command, a wrapper for this-command-keys.

  • Faces

    • Add Color.of_rgb8, which takes arguments in the range [0, 255] (instead of [0, 65_535] as Color.of_rgb does).

    • Add Face.Attribute.Extend variant, to handle the built-in faces in Emacs 28.

  • Frames and Windows

    • Frame.window_list now accepts an optional ?frame argument. When None, this still lists the windows of the selected frame.

    • Make Selected_window.find_file_other_window Async, as find_file already was.

  • Major modes

    • Add Compilation.major_mode, a wrapper for compilation-mode.

    • Add Compilation.find_buffer, a wrapper for compilation-find-buffer.

    • Add Major_mode.Python, a wrapper for python-mode.

  • Minor modes

    • Add Minor_mode.auto_fill, a wrapper for auto-fil-mode

    • Minor_mode.define_minor_mode's initialize function now receives the minor mode being defined as an argument; this can be used to change the behavior based on whether the minor mode is being enabled or disabled, or to add hooks/commands that may enable/disable the minor mode.

  • Other

    • Buffer.with_temp_buffer and Echo_area.wrap_message now accept a Sync_or_async.t argument, instead of requiring the body to return Deferred.t.

    • Add Customization.Type.Key_sequence variant.

    • Add Minibuffer.read_file_name, a wrapper for read-file-name