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Event from server to client.

A "Down event" (AKA down-going event) is an event which occurrences are transmitted asynchronously to the client. Even if they are named "events", it might be better to consider them as asynchronous server-to-client edges in the react events dependency graph.

To use this, call function of_react on server side, and just use the returned value as a react event on client side. Example: let e = of_react ... in ... {{ ... f %e; ... }}

type 'a t

The abstract type of down events.

val of_react : ?scope:[< Eliom_comet.Channel.comet_scope ] -> ?throttling:float -> ?name:string -> ?size:int -> 'a React.E.t -> 'a t

of_react ?scope ?throttling ?name e create an asynchronous edge originating from e. The parameters are:

  • throttling for the limit to event propagation rate (minimum time, in second, between two consecutive events - other events are lost),
  • name for named edges,
  • size for the size of the server side buffer.
  • scope tell which kind of channel this rely on (See Eliom_comet.create).

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