module CData : sig ... end

Data of the host program that is opaque to Elpi.

module Data : sig ... end

This module exposes the low level representation of terms. * * The data type term is opaque and can only be accessed by using the * look API that exposes a term view. The look view automatically * substitutes assigned unification variables by their value. The UVar * and AppUVar node hence stand for unassigned unification variables.

module Compile : sig ... end

This module lets one extend the compiler by: * - "compiling" the query by hand * - providing quotations

module CustomConstraint : sig ... end
module BuiltInPredicate : sig ... end
module CustomFunctor : sig ... end

Like quotations but for identifiers that begin and end with * "`" or "'", e.g. `this` and 'that'. Useful if the object language * needs something that looks like a string but with a custom compilation * (e.g. CD.string like but with a case insensitive comparison)

module Utils : sig ... end
module Pp : sig ... end