package email_message

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Module type
Class type
type t
val sexp_of_t : t -> Sexplib0.Sexp.t
type boundary = t

Creates a boundary from the value of the "boundary" parameter in a Content-type header (RFC2046, p.19)

include Core.Stringable.S with type t := t
val of_string : string -> t
val to_string : t -> string
module Generator : sig ... end
val generate_non_conflicting_boundary : ?prologue:Bigstring_shared.t -> parts:String_monoid.t list -> ?epilogue:Bigstring_shared.t -> Generator.t -> t

Use the generator to find a boundary that doesn't conflict.

val join_without_checking_for_conflicts : ?prologue:Bigstring_shared.t -> parts:String_monoid.t list -> ?epilogue:Bigstring_shared.t -> t -> String_monoid.t

Combine parts using the given boundary. This assumes that the boundary doesn't conflict.

Splits a multipart body into a list of messages, and, if there are, an optional prologue and epilogue.

module Stable : sig ... end