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A simple OCaml client for Google Services






Google APIs Client library for OCaml

gapi-ocaml is a simple, unofficial, OCaml client for Google Services. The
library supports ClientLogin, OAuth 1.0a, and OAuth 2.0 authentication.
Supported RESTful APIs:

  • Calendar APIs v3

  • Google+ API v1

  • Tasks API v1

  • APIs Discovery Service v1

  • URL Shortener API v1

  • OAuth2 API v2

  • Custom Search API v1

  • Google Analytics API v3

  • Page Speed Online API v1

  • Blogger API v2

  • Site Verification API v1

  • AdSense Management API v1.1

  • BigQuery API v2

  • Drive API v2

  • Drive API v3

  • Gmail API v1


  • Monadic interface

  • Functional lenses to
    access data structures

  • Service generator (experimental): a tool for generating client libraries for
    APIs based on the Google API Discovery format

Building gapi-ocaml


You will need the following libraries:

This library was developed and tested on Ubuntu LTS (64-bit).

Configuration and installation

To build the library, run

$ make

To install the library, run (as root, if your user doesn't have enough

$ make install

To build and run the tests, execute

$ make test

See src/test/ for further details regarding the tests.

To build the examples:

$ dune build @examples

See examples/ for further details regarding the examples.

To generate the documentation, run

$ make doc

Then you can browse the HTML documentation starting from
gapi-ocaml.docdir/index.html, but is not installed by default.

To uninstall anything that was previously installed, execute

$ make uninstall


See auth examples in examples/auth for some examples of how to use Google's
authorization endpoints.

See examples directory to find code samples that show usage of some

See tools/ for a complex example of how to use functional
lenses within the state monad.

See tools/ for the instructions of how to build and run the service
generator utility.