package geojson

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type t

A close loop with optional rings

val rings : t -> LineString.t array

rings t returns the linear rings contained in t (a Polygon object)

val exterior_ring : t -> LineString.t

exterior_ring t returns the first linear ring contained in t (a Polygon object). This ring bounds the surface

val interior_rings : t -> LineString.t array

If t (a Polygon object) contains more than 1 linear ring, interior_rings t returns the rest of the linear rings apart from the first. These rings (if present), bound the holes.

val v : LineString.t array -> t

Create a polygon object from an array of close line strings (note no checking is down here to ensure the loops are indeed closed.)

val to_positions : t -> Position.t array array

Convert directly to the positions that make up the lines.

val of_positions : Position.t array array -> t

Convert directly from positions to lines


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