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geoml 0.1.1


This package provides the following libraries (via dune):



  • Affine
  • Circle Circle manipulation
  • Common
  • Constraint Strict and large linear constraints mmanipulation
  • Curve
  • Ellipse Ellipses manipulation
  • Geoml
  • Line This module provides basic operation over the linear equation type
  • Math
  • Point Module for 2d points manipulation
  • Polygon This module provides basic functions for any concave, convex and convex regular polygon (Does not handle complex polygon and polygon with holes)
  • Polyhedron The module for the polyhedron manipulation. We use the term "polyhedron" to define a set of linear constraint. Each constraint defines a half-plan. A polyhedron is then determined by the intersections of all the half-plans formed by its constaint. It differs from polygons which represent finite enveloppes (For example, convex polygons are a particular cases of polyhedra, which can be infinite).
  • Polynom
  • Rectangle This module provides the basic operations over rectangles
  • Segment Segment manipulation
  • Triangle Triangles manipulation
  • Vector