package git-mirage

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type t
type flow = TCP.flow
val happy_eyeballs : t Mimic.value
val resolve : t -> ?aaaa_timeout:int64 -> ?connect_delay:int64 -> ?connect_timeout:int64 -> ?resolve_timeout:int64 -> ?resolve_retries:int -> string -> int list -> ((Ipaddr.t * int) * flow, [> `Msg of string ]) result Lwt.t

resolve happy_eyeballs domain_name ports tries to connect the user with the given endpoint. The domain-name can be an IP address or a real domain-name. resolve tries to resolve via a DNS request the given domain_name if it's a real domain-name and it tries to initiate a TCP/IP connection with the destination.

If it's a success, it returns the resource and the user is able to read or write via this resource.


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