package git

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module S : Store.S


val keys : K.t -> Hash.t list

keys g is a topological sort of g's keys.

val of_keys : S.t -> K.t Lwt.t

Return the graph of keys of the given Git store.

val closure : ?full:bool -> S.t -> min:Hash.Set.t -> max:Hash.Set.t -> K.t Lwt.t

Return a consistent cut of the graph of keys, where no elements are stricly lesser than the ones in min and none are bigger than the ones in max. Elements of min and max are in the closure. If full is not set (it is by default), return only the graph of commits.

val pack : S.t -> min:Hash.Set.t -> max:Hash.Set.t -> (Hash.t * Value.t) list Lwt.t

Return a packed (closed) collection of objects.

val to_dot : S.t -> Buffer.t -> unit Lwt.t

to_dot g buffer fille buffer with the `.dot` representation of the Git graph.


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