Gitlab APIv4 OCaml library
val tokens : token:Token.t -> ?user_id:int -> unit -> Gitlab_t.personal_access_tokens Response.t Monad.t

person_access_tokens ~token ?user_id () get the Personal Access Tokens for the current user. Administrators can use the ~user_id parameter to filter by user. See List personal access tokens.

val revoke : token:Token.t -> id:int -> unit -> unit Response.t Monad.t

revoke_person_access_tokens ~token ~id Revoke a personal access token. See Revoke a personal access token.

val create : token:Token.t -> user_id:int -> Gitlab_t.new_token -> unit -> Gitlab_t.personal_access_token Response.t Monad.t

Create a personal access token for ~user_id. See Create a personal access token.