package guile

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type scm

opaque type representing Guile scheme values.

val init_with : (unit -> unit) -> unit

init_with f calls f within a fresh Guile context.

val with_continuation_barrier : (unit -> unit) -> unit

with_continuation_barrier f runs the function f preventing any non-local control flow beyond the current calling context.

val init : unit -> unit

init () initialises the Guile context for the current thread of execution.

val shell : unit -> unit

shell () starts execution of a Guile repl.

Note: assumes Guile.init has been called.

val load : string -> scm

load filename loads the file at filename and evaluates it as a Guile scheme object.

val eol : scm

eol represents an empty list in Guile.

val undefined : scm

undefined represents a nullary value in Guile, can be passed in as none values to functions with optional arguments.

val (=) : scm -> scm -> bool

(=) x y tests for equality between two Guile entities.

module Bool : sig ... end
module Number : sig ... end
module Pair : sig ... end
module List : sig ... end
module Char : sig ... end
module String : sig ... end
module Symbol : sig ... end
module Error : sig ... end
module Functions : sig ... end
val eval : ?state:scm -> scm -> scm

eval ?state s evaluates a Guile scheme s-expression s in execution state state.

val eval_string : string -> scm

eval_string s evaluates a string s as a Guile scheme s-expression

val to_string : ?printer:scm -> scm -> string

to_string ?printer v returns a string representation of a Guile scheme value v.

module Sexp : sig ... end
module Module : sig ... end

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