package hardcaml

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  • Initial Jane Street public release

  • Verion numbering synchronised with Jane Street releases

  • Large scale refactoring of library and APIs

  • Addition of test suite

  • Merge and refactor hardcaml_examples into repository


  • Reorganise and merge a bunch of modules (esp which were split out previously due to js_of_ocaml but is no longer needed.

  • Replace oasis with ocamlbuild and topkg


  • add out_port_next function to simulator - update on out_port reverts to old behaviour

  • add dynamic simulation plugin back end registering (for llvmsim)

  • fix vpi cosim module search path


  • rework simulation so we get the correct output values (in all cases) after cycle

  • various simulation hook points added to correctly support waveforms/combining etc

  • add Recipe module - generates statemchines from imperative style descriptions