package http-lwt-client

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A simple HTTP client using http/af, h2, and lwt


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Http-lwt-client -- simple HTTP client using http/af, h2, and lwt

A simple HTTP/1.1 and HTTP/2.0 client supporting HTTP and HTTPS. It follows redirects (up to a given limit). Its dependency cone is small, and does not include any wrappers or frameworks.

Additionally, a sample binary hurl is provided that exposes most of the functionality as a command line program.

Other HTTP clients developed in OCaml include ofetch (minimal OCaml stdlib-only), piaf (HTTP 1 and HTTP 2 support), cohttp (a functorised HTTP client and server library), curly (a wrapper around curl), paf-le-chien (a MirageOS layer for HTTP/AF and H2) - but they didn't fit our needs.

This is distributed under the 3 clause BSD license, some code is inherited from the HTTP/AF project (src/http_lwt_unix.{ml,mli} - as noted in that file).