package inotify

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Module type
Class type

An Lwt wrapper for Inotify module.

Note, whenever it is possible we provide two version of an operation:

  • f' - a pure non-blocking operation;
  • f - the same operation lifted into the Lwt monad.
type t

Type of inotify descriptors.

val create : unit -> t Lwt.t

create () returns a new inotify descriptor.

val create' : unit -> t
  • since 2.5
val add_watch : t -> string -> Inotify.selector list -> Lwt.t

add_watch desc path events sets up desc to watch for events occuring to path, and returns a watch descriptor.

val add_watch' : t -> string -> Inotify.selector list ->
  • since 2.5
val rm_watch : t -> -> unit Lwt.t

rm_watch desc watch stops desc from watching watch.

val rm_watch' : t -> -> unit
  • since 2.5
val read : t -> Inotify.event Lwt.t

read desc waits for an event to occur at desc.

val try_read : t -> Inotify.event option Lwt.t

try_read desc returns Some event if desc has queued events, or None otherwise.

val close : t -> unit Lwt.t

close desc frees desc.