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1.4 2018-03-01

  • Improved interface for the Interval library by using sub-modules
    and standard mathematical names. In particular, all operations —
    including infix operators — are in a sub-module I which can
    conveniently be used to introduce local scopes after issuing open Interval.

  • Improved pretty-printing functions allowing to pass the format of
    the interval bounds.

  • The library functions now signal errors by exceptions
    Division_by_zero and Domain_error that are local to

  • The Fpu module has been redesigned: the rounding up or down of
    functions is controlled by the sub-module (Low or High) to which
    they belong. This allows for natural expressions such as
    Low.(x**2. +. 2. *. x +. 1.).

  • Jbuilder/dune is used to compile and install the library.

  • TravisCI and AppVeyor continuous integration ensure the library
    works on a variety of OCaml versions and platforms.