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Library jenga.tenacious
Module Tenacious_lib . Graph
module Node : sig ... end
module Dump : sig ... end
val root_until : node:Node.t -> 'a Async.Deferred.t -> 'a Async.Deferred.t

Any created node that blocks no other node should be made a root, otherwise it doesn't participate in the cycle checking and dumping at all.

val edge_until : Node.t -> blocked_on:Node.t -> 'a Async.Deferred.t -> 'a Async.Deferred.t
val look_for_a_cycle : unit -> ([ `Prefix of string list ] * [ `Cycle of string list ]) option

Looks for a cycle in the graph.

If Some (`Prefix ["a"; "b"], `Cycle ["c"; "d"]) = look_for_a_cycle (), it means the graph has a path "a; b; c; d; c; d; c; ...".