package jingoo

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Builtin functions, value lookup and context initialization.

jg_nth n seq returns the n-th value of sequence seq

val jg_escape_html : Jg_types.tvalue -> Jg_types.tvalue

jg_escape_html x escape x string representation using Jg_utils.escape_html

val jg_test_defined : Jg_types.context -> string -> Jg_types.tvalue
val jg_test_undefined : Jg_types.context -> string -> Jg_types.tvalue
val jg_test_none : Jg_types.context -> string -> Jg_types.tvalue

Alias for jg_test_undefined

val jg_test_obj_defined : Jg_types.context -> string -> string -> Jg_types.tvalue
val jg_test_obj_undefined : Jg_types.context -> string -> string -> Jg_types.tvalue
val jg_test_escaped : Jg_types.context -> Jg_types.tvalue

FIXME: this should check the value and not the context

val jg_negative : Jg_types.tvalue -> Jg_types.tvalue
val jg_is_true : Jg_types.tvalue -> bool

jg_plus a b The multi-purpose + operator. Can add two numbers, concat two strings or a string and a number, append two sequences (list or array).

jg_or e1 e2 The boolean and.

jg_or e1 e2 The boolean or.

jg_compare x y returns 0 if x is equal to y, a negative integer if x is less than y, and a positive integer if x is greater than y.


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