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Proof assistant for the λΠ-calculus modulo rewriting


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All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

The format is based on Keep a Changelog, and this project adheres to Semantic Versioning.

2.5.0 (2024-02-25)


  • Add the opaque command to turn a defined symbol into a constant

  • Add the tactic try that tries to apply a tactic to the focused goal. If the application of the tactic fails, it catches the error and leaves the goal unchanged.


  • Coq export: do not rename module names

  • Sequential symbols: fix order of rules

2.4.1 (2023-11-22)


  • support for Pratter 3.0.0

  • printing of unification and coercion rules


  • unification


  • Coq export

  • script

2.4.0 (2023-07-28)


  • Several options for export -o stt_coq.

  • Tactic remove.

  • Option --no-sr-check to disable subject reduction checking.

  • CLI command index to build ~/.LPSearch.db.

  • Indexed terms can be normalized wrt rules with the option --rules (note that this new option --rules could be used to implement the equivalent of dkmeta later).

  • CLI command search and LP command search to send queries to the index.

  • Query language.

  • CLI command websearch to run a webserver that can answer search queries.

  • Option --port to specify the port to use.


  • Output for export -o stt_coq.


  • Private definitions are not kept in memory and in lpo files anymore.

  • The record type Eval.config is extended with a new field allowing to specify which dtree to use for each symbol.

2.3.1 (2023-03-13)


  • Opaque definitions are not kept in memory and in lpo files anymore

  • A few bug fixes.


  • Why3 dependency updated to 1.6.

2.3.0 (2023-01-03)


  • Export to Coq.

  • (API) the rewrite engine can match on the constant TYPE.

  • Automatic coercion insertion mechanism. For example, the command coerce_rule coerce Int Float $x ↪ FloatOfInt $x; can be used to instruct Lambdapi to automatically coerce integers to floats using the function FloatOfInt.


  • Generation of metavariables through the rewriting engine.

  • Application of pattern variables in rewrite rules RHS in the Dedukti export.

  • Dedukti export: invalid Dedukti module name were not brace-quoted, for instance, #REQUIRE module-name. could be exported, while module-name is not recognised by Dedukti2. It is now exported as #REQUIRE {|module-name|}, and symbols are exported as {|module-name|}.foo.

  • HRS and XTC exports.


  • Do not propose installation of Emacs mode via opam anymore as it can easily be installed from Emacs.

2.2.1 (2022-07-04)


  • Propagate recompile flag to dependencies.

  • Postfix operators with the notation <op> postfix <priority>;



  • Use short options in system commands to be POSIX compliant.

2.2.0 (2022-03-18)


  • Incremental local confluence checking for non higher-order and non AC rules.

  • Add options -o hrs and -o xtc to the export command.


  • whnf function takes a problem as argument and a list of tags that configure the rewriting. Tags may block beta reduction, block definition expansion or block rewriting.

  • Do not print empty term environments .[].

  • Allow users to use the pattern variables $0, $1, etc. and internally name pattern variables by their index.

  • Fixed debug flag printing in Pretty.

  • Compatibility with Cmdliner 1.1.0 and Bindlib 6.0.0.


  • tree_walk is no longer in the API

2.1.0 (2022-01-17)


  • In Logic/, a library of logics.

  • The command export to translate signatures to the lp or dk files formats.

  • New release of the VSCode extension.

  • A small tutorial in tests/OK/tutorial.lp.

  • The why3 tactic handles universal and existential quantifiers through two new builtins ("ex" and "all"). Codewise, it requires a new translation from encoded types to Why3 types.

  • Terms may be placeholders. Placeholders are holes in the concrete syntax. They are refined into metavariables. Placeholders cannot appear nonlinearly in terms. From A Bidirectional Refinement Algorithm..., p. 31,


  • Moved the files tool/ and tool/ into the new export/ directory.

  • Because placeholders are simple holes, the term _ → _ is scoped into a full dependent product Π x: M, N where N is a metavariable that depend on x (see file tests/OK/767.lp)

  • Type checking is slower following #696 because of refinement (not only the type but also the term must be destructured and rebuilt), | | master | refiner | |---------|--------|---------| | holide | 7:0 | 11:33 | | iprover | 5:58 | 6:50 |


  • The command beautify superseded by the new command export.

  • Unused variable warning: whether a variable is used or not cannot be decided while scoping (following #696) since placeholders that do not depend on variables may be refined later into metavariables that may depend on them.

  • Metavariables cannot be referenced by their name anymore, hence the syntax ?M.[x;y] is obsolete, but ?0.[x;y] isn't.

2.0.0 (2021-12-15)

Release of the VSCode extension on the Marketplace (2021-12-10)

  • Add editors/vscode/ and editors/vscode/

  • Update documentation and files.

Structured proof scripts (2021-12-07)

A tactic replacing the current goal by n new goals must be followed by n proof scripts enclosed in curly brackets. For instance, instead of writing induction; /* case 0 */ t1; ..; tm; /* case s */ q1; ..; qn, we must now write induction {t1; ..; tm} {q1; ..; qn}.

Exception for tactics not really changing the current goal like "have": /* proof of u */ have h: t; /* proof of t */ t1; ..; tm; /* proof of u continued */ q1; ..; qn must now be written have h: t {t1; ..; tm}; q1; ..; qn.

Other modifications in the grammar:

  • Curly brackets are reserved for proof script structuration.

  • Implicit arguments must be declared using square brackets instead of curly brackets: we must write [a:Set] instead of {a:Set}.

  • Term environments and rewrite patterns must be preceded by a dot: we must now write $f.[x] instead of $f[x].

  • The focus command is removed since it breaks structuration.

Improve and simplify LP lexer (2021-12-07)

  • allow nested comments (fix #710)

  • replace everywhere %S by \"%s\"

  • move checking compatibility with Bindlib of identifiers from lexer to scope

  • move is_keyword from lexer to pretty

  • move from common/ to parsing/

  • change Config.map_dir field type to (Path.t * string) list, Library.add_mapping type to Path.t * string -> unit and Compile.compile argument lm type to Path.t * string

Update dkParser to be in sync with dkcheck (2021-11-30)

Add option --record-time (2021-11-30)

Improve evaluation and convertibility test (2021-06-02)

  • fix _LLet by calling mk_LLet

  • substitute arguments in TEnv's at construction time (mk_TEnv)

  • improve eq_modulo to avoid calling whnf when possible

  • use Eval.pure_eq_modulo in Infer and Unif (fix #693)

Improve logs (2021-06-01)

  • add Base.out = Format.fprintf

  • uniformize printing code using Base.out

  • rename oc arguments into ppf

  • complete Term.pp_term

  • improve some functions in Debug.D

  • improve logging messages in Infer by adding a level argument

Better handling of let's (2021-05-26)

  • mk_LLet removes useless let's

  • rename Eval.config into strat

  • factorize whnf_beta and whnf

  • fix handling of variable unfoldings in whnf_stk

  • optimize context lookup by using a map

  • gather problem, context, map and rewrite into a record data type

  • abstract whnf in hnf, snf and eq_modulo

  • fix typing of let's

  • improve printing

Interface Improvements (2021-05-20)

  • Error messages are shown in logs buffer

  • Improvements in behaviour of Emacs interface

  • New shortcuts C-c C-k and C-c C-r for killing and reconnecting to the LSP server

Record metavariable creation and instantiation during scoping, type inference and unification (2021-05-20)

  • the record type problem gets a new field metas, and all its fields are now mutable

  • many functions now take as argument a problem

  • the functions infer_noexn, check_noexn and check_sort are moved to Query (they do not need to take a solver as argument anymore)

  • in Unif, add_constr was defined twice; this is now fixed

  • the modules Meta in Term and LibTerm are moved to the new file libMeta

  • various mli files are created

  • in Unif, initial is removed and instantiation is allowed to generate new constraints

Bugfixes in rewriting engine (2021-05-06)

  • Add tests on product matching

  • Fixed scoping of product in LHS

  • Wildcard created during tree compilation are the most general ones, any free variable may appear.

  • Updated documentation of decision trees

Factorize type rw_patt (2021-04-07)

The types Term.rw_patt and Syntax.p_rw_patt_aux are merged into a single polymorphic type Syntax.rw_patt.

API modification (2021-04-07)

Several functions are exposed,

  • Parsing.Scope.rule_of_pre_rule: converts a pre rewriting rule into a rewriting rule,

  • Handle.Command.handle: now processes proof data,

  • Handle.Command.get_proof_data: is the old handle,

  • Handle.Compile.compile_with: allows to provide a command handler to compile modules

Add commutative and associative-commutative symbols (2021-04-07)

  • Add term.mli and turn the term type into a private type so that term constructors are not exported anymore (they are available for pattern-matching though). For constructing terms, one now needs to use the provided construction functions mk_Vari for Vari, mk_Appl for Appl, etc.

  • Move some functions LibTerm to Term, in particular get_args, add_args and cmp_term.

  • Rename the field sym_tree into sym_dtree.

  • Redefine the type rhs as (term_env, term) Bindlib.mbinder instead of (term_env, term) Bindlib.mbinder * int so that the old rhs needs to be replaced by rhs * int in a few places.

Improvements in some tactics (2021-04-05)

  • fix have

  • improve the behavior of apply

  • assume not needed before reflexivity anymore

  • assume checks that identifiers are distinct

  • solve: simplify goals afterwards

  • libTerm: permute arguments of unbind_name, and add add_args_map and unbind2_name

  • syntax: add check_notin and check_distinct

  • split misc/listings.tex into misc/lambdapi.tex and misc/example.tex

Extend command inductive to strictly-positive inductive types (2021-04-02)

Renamings (2021-04-01)

  • ./tools/ -> ./misc

  • ./src/core/ -> ./src/core/

Do not unescape identifiers anymore, and move from Core to Parsing (2021-03-30)

  • escaped regular identifiers are automatically unescaped in lexing

  • unescaping is done in filenames only

  • Escape.add_prefix and Escape.add_suffix allow to correctly extend potentially escaped identifiers

  • move from Core to Parsing

Forbid bound variable names ending with a positive integer with leading zeros since there are not compatible with Bindlib (2021-03-29)

Fix #341: remove spurious warnings on bound variables (2021-03-29)


    • the inner functions of scope are brought to the top-level

    • scope_term_with_params is introduced: it is similar to scope_term but does not check that top-level bound variables are used

    • _Meta_Type is moved to as fresh_meta_type


    • use scope_term_with_params and check that parameters are indeed used

    • get_implicitness moved to as get_impl_term

    • fix implicit arguments computation in case of no type by introducing Syntax.get_impl_params_list

  • in various places: use pp_var instead of Bindlib.name_of

  • replace expo argument in scoping and handling by boolean telling if private symbols are allowed

  • allow private symbols in queries

Introduce new_tvar = Bindlib.new_var mkfree (2021-03-26)

Add tactic generalize, and rename tactic simpl into simplify (2021-03-25)

Use Dune for opam integration (2021-03-25)

  • Content of lambdapi.opam is moved to dune-project and the former is generated using dune build @install.

  • Vim files are installed in opam prefix using dune.

  • The emacs mode is declared as a sub-package.

Add tactic have (2021-03-24)

Compatibility with Why3 1.4.0

Add tactic simpl <id> for unfolding a specific symbol only (2021-03-22)

and slightly improve Ctxt.def_of

Bug fixes (2021-03-22)

  • fix type inference in the case of an application (t u) where the type of t is not a product yet (uncomment code commented in #596)

  • fix the order in which emacs prints hypotheses

  • fix opam dependencies: add constraint why3 <= 1.3.3

Fix and improve inverse image computation (2021-03-16)

  • fix and improve in the computation of the inverse image of a term wrt an injective function (no unification rule is needed anymore in common examples, fix #342)

  • fix management of "initial" constraints in unification (initial is now a global variable updated whenever a new constraint is added)

  • when applying a unification rule, add constraints on types too (fix #466)

  • turn Infer.make_prod into Infer.set_to_prod

  • add pp_constrs for printing lists of constraints

  • make time printing optional

  • improve visualization of debugging data using colors: . blue: top-level type inference/checking . magenta: new constraint . green: constraint to solve . yellow: data from signature or context . red: instantiations (and handled commands)

Add tactic admit (2021-03-12)

  • rename command admit into admitted

  • admitted: admit the initial goal instead of the remaining goals (when the proof is an opaque definition)

  • move code on admit from to

  • add tactic admit (fix #380) As a consequence, tactics can change the signature state now.

Improvements in type inference, unification and printing (2021-03-11)

  • improve type inference and unification

  • add flag "print_meta_args"

  • print metavariables unescaped, add parentheses in domains

  • replace (current_sign()).sign_path by current_path()

  • improve logging: . debug +h now prints data on type inference/checking . provide time of type inference/checking and constraint solving . give more feedback when instantiation fails

Remove set keyword (2021-03-04)

Various bug fixes (2021-03-02)

  • allow matching on abstraction/product type annotations (fix #573)

  • Infer: do not check constraint duplication and return constraints in the order they have been added (fix #579)

  • inductive type symbols are now declared as constant (fix #580)

  • fix parsing and printing of unification rules

  • Extra.files returns only the files that satisfy some user-defined condition

  • tests/ test only .dk and .lp files

  • Pretty: checking that identifiers are LP keywords is now optional (useful for debug)

Fix notation declarations (2021-02-19)

  • set infix ... "<string>" := <qid> is replaced by set notation <qid> infix ...

  • set prefix ... "<string>" := <qid> is replaced by set notation <qid> prefix ...

  • set quantifier <qid> is replaced by set notation <qid> quantifier

  • the flag print_meta_type is renamed into print_meta_types

  • LibTerm.expl_args is renamed into remove_impl_args

Improve handling of ghost symbols and metavariable identifier (2021-02-18)

  • Ghost paths and unification rule symbols managed in LpLexer now (no hard-coded strings anymore except for their definition)

  • Allow users to type system-generated metavariable identifiers (integers)

  • Fix printing of metavariable identifiers

  • key_counter renamed into meta_counter

  • does not return a ?-prefixed string anymore

  • code factorization and reorganization in

Improve navigation in Emacs/VSCode (2021-02-18)

  • Electric mode for Emacs

  • Buttons for Proof Navigation in Emacs

  • Navigate by commands/tactics in Emacs and VScode

  • Evaluated region shrinks on edit in Emacs and VScode

  • Evaluated region changes colour after error in Emacs and VScode

  • LSP server sends logs only from last command/tactic

  • Few minor corrections in LSP server

  • Improve VSCode indentation

Add tactic induction (2021-02-17)

  • add functions for generating fresh metavariable terms (factorizes some code in and

  • add fields in type Sign.inductive renamed into ind_data

  • functions from now take a goal_typ as argument

  • code factorization in

  • remove type aliases p_type and p_patt

  • rename P_Impl into P_Arro, and P_tac_intro into P_tac_assume

  • variable renamings in sig_state

File renamings and splitting and better handling of escaped identifier (2021-02-12)

  • File renamings and splittings:

    • lpLexer -> escape, lpLexer

    • console -> base, extra, debug, error, console

    • module -> filename, path, library

    • cliconf -> config

    • install_cmd -> install

    • init_cmd -> init

  • Improve handling of escaped identifiers in and fix printing

  • Improve tests/ to allow sub-directories in tests/OK/ or tests/KO/

File renamings and source code segmentation (2021-02-08)

  • File renamings:

    • terms -> term

    • basics -> libTerm

    • tactics -> tactic

    • queries -> query

    • stubs -> realpath

    • files -> module

    • handle -> command

  • Core library divided into the following sub-libraries:

    • Common that contains shared basic files (pos, console, module and package)

    • Parsing that contains everything related to parsing (syntax, pretty, lexers and parser)

    • Handle that uses Core to type check commands and modules (contains query, tactic, command, compile, inductive, rewrite, proof and why3_tactic)

    • Tool that provides miscellaneous tools that use Core (external, hrs, xtc, tree_graphviz, sr)

Add parameters to inductive definitions (2021-02-02)

Parser (2021-01-30)

Replace Earley by Menhir, Pratter and Sedlex

Syntax modifications:

  • Add multi-lines comments /* ... */.

  • Commands and tactics must now be ended by a semi-colon ;.

  • The syntax λx y z: nat, ... with multiple variables is not authorised anymore, but λ(x y z: nat), ... is, as well as λ x : N, t with a single variable.

  • In unification rules, the right hand-side must now be enclosed between square brackets, so

    set unif_rule $x + $y ≡ 0 ↪ $x ≡ 0; $y ≡ 0


    set unif_rule $x + $y ≡ 0 ↪ [ $x ≡ 0; $y ≡ 0 ];
  • set declared has been removed.

  • Any (depending on accepted codepoints) UTF8 identifier is by default valid. Warning: string λx is now a valid identifier. Hence, expression λx, t isn't valid, but λ x, t is.

  • Declared quantifiers now need a backquote to be applied. The syntax `f x, t represents f (λ x, t) (and a fortiori f {T} (λ x, t)).

  • assert always takes a turnstile (or vdash) to specify a (even empty) context, so the syntax is assert ⊢ t: A;

  • The minus sign - in the rewrite tactic has been replaced by the keyword left.

Code modifications:

  • Parsing and handling are interleaved (except in the LSP server): the parser returns a stream of parsed commands. Requesting an item of the stream parses one command in the file.

  • The type pp_hint is renamed to notation and moved to

  • Notations (that is, ex-pp_hint) are kept in a SymMap, which allowed to simplify some code in and

  • Positions are not lazy anymore, because Sedlex doesn't use lazy positions.

  • p_terms do not have P_BinO and P_UnaO constructors anymore.

Unification goals (2020-12-15)

changes in the syntax:

  • definition -> symbol

  • theorem -> opaque symbol

  • proof -> begin

  • qed -> end

Mutually defined inductive types (2020-12-09)

Inductive types (2020-09-29)

Documentation in Sphinx (2020-07-31)

Goals display in Emacs (2020-07-06)

Sequential symbol (2020-07-06)

  • Added sequential keyword for symbol declarations

  • Removed --keep-rule-order option

Change semantics of environments (2020-06-10)

  • $F is shorthand for $F[]

  • Empty environment mandatory under binders

Add tactic fail (2020-05-26)

Matching on products (2020-05-18)

Allow users to match on product Πx: t, u and on the domain of binders.

Quantifier parsing and pretty-printing (2020-05-08)

  • Allow users to declare a symbol [f] as quantifier. Then, [f x,t] stands for [f(λx,t)].

Unification rules (2020-04-29)

Introduction of unification rules, taken from A unification rule can be set with

set unif_rule t ≡ u ↪ v ≡ w, x ≡ y

Pretty-printing (2020-04-25)

  • Pretty-printing hints managed in signature state now.

Syntax change (2020-04-16)

  • is replaced by in rewriting rules,

  • & is replaced by $ for pattern variables in rewriting rules,

  • the syntax rule ... and ... becomes rule ... with ...,

  • is replaced by for implication, and

  • is replaced by Π for the dependent product type

Let bindings (2020-03-31)

Adding let-bindings to the terms structure.

  • Contexts can now contain term definitions.

  • Unification is carried out with a context.

  • Reduction functions (whnf, hnf, snf &c.) are called with a context.

  • Type annotation for let in the concrete syntax.

Prepare for modern versions of OCaml (2020-03-26)

  • Use Stdlib instead of Pervasives (enforced by sanity checks).

  • Rely on stdlib-shims to provide Stdlib on older version of OCaml.

File management and module mapping (2020-03-20)

  • New module system.

  • Revised command line arguments parsing and introduce subcommands.

  • LSP server is now a Lambdapi subcommand: run with lambdapi lsp.

  • New --no-warning option (fixes #296).

Trees simplification (2019-12-05)

Simplification of the decision tree structure

  • trees do not depend on term variables;

  • tree constructor type depends on generated at compile-time branch-wise unique integral identifiers;

  • graph output is more consistent: variables are the same in the nodes and the leaves.

Protected symbols (2019-11-14)

Introducing protected and private symbols.

Calling provers with Why3 (2019-10-29)

Introducing the why3 tactic to call external provers.

Eta equality as a flag (2019-10-21)

Rewriting using decision trees (2019-09-17)

1.0.0 (2018-11-28)

First major release of Lambdapi. It introduces:

  • a new syntax for developing proofs in the system,

  • basic support for infix operators,

  • call to external confluence checker with the same API as Dedukti,

  • more things.

  • Consolidate the LSP OPAM package into the main one (@ejgallego)

0.1.0 (2018-09-19)

First release of Lambdapi.


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