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Logging infrastructure for OCaml







v0.7.0 2019-08-09 Zagreb

Support for thread safe logging, thanks to Jules Aguillon for the

  • Add Logs.set_reporter_mutex for installing mutual exclusion
    primitives to access the reporter.

  • Add Logs_threaded.enable to install mutual exclusion
    primitives for OCaml threads.

v0.6.3 2019-04-19 La Forclaz (VS)

  • Make the package compatible with js_of_ocaml 3.3.0's
    namespacing. Thanks to Hugo Heuzard for the patch.

  • Fix toplevel initialisation for Omod (#21).

  • Fix 4.08 Pervasives deprecation.

  • Drop support for ocaml < 4.03.0

  • Doc: various improvements and typo fixing.

v0.6.2 2016-08-10 Zagreb

  • 4.04.0 compatibility. Thanks to Damien Doligez for the patch.

v0.6.1 2016-06-08 Cambridge (UK)

  • Fix logs.top package on case sensitive file systems.

v0.6.0 2016-05-23 La Forclaz (VS)

  • Build depend on topkg.

  • Relicensed from BSD3 to ISC.

  • Revise the command line interface provided by Logs_cli. Removes
    the argument from option -v. See issue #13 for details.

  • Add Logs.format_reporter a reporter like Logs_fmt.reporter
    but without colors and hence without the dependency on Fmt.
    Thanks to Simon Cruanes for the suggestion.

  • Logs_fmt.reporter, the optional argument prefix is changed to
    pp_header and becomes a formatter. The default prefix now favors
    the basename of Sys.argv.(0) if it exists over
    Sys.executable_name; this gives better results for interpreted

  • Fix colors in Logs_fmt.pp_header, only Logs.err_style was
    being used.

  • Add Logs.level_{of,to}_string.

v0.5.0 2016-01-07 La Forclaz (VS)

  • Support for OCaml 4.01.0

  • Change the logging structure from Logs.err fmt (fun m -> m ...)
    to Logs.err (fun m -> m fmt ...). See the documentation basics
    for more details. Thanks to Edwin Török for suggesting this.

  • Remove the Logs.unit[_msgf] functions, they are no longer needed.

  • Rename the Logs_stdo library to Logs_fmt.

  • Changes the signature of reporters to take a callback function to
    call unconditionally once the report is over. Thanks to Edwin Török
    for suggesting the mecanism.

  • Add the optional Logs_lwt library. Provides logging functions
    returning lwt threads that proceed only once the report is over.

  • Add Logs_fmt.pp_header and Logs_fmt.{err_warn,info_debug}_style.

  • Add Logs.pp_{level,header}.

v0.4.2 2015-12-03 Cambridge (UK)

First release.