package md2mld

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md2mld: Convert md files into odoc mld files

md2mld converts a Markdown-format file into the mld format used by odoc to render HTML documentation or OCaml libraries. You can use this script to automatically embed a file into API documentation for an OCaml library.


You can use it manually as follows

$ md2mld > outfile.mld

In dune you can use it to generate an mld file with

 (target outfile.mld)
  (with-stdout-to outfile.mld (run md2mld

Attach the mld file using the (documentation …) stanza. You can see the documentation generated from the latest tagged version of this README at

Known issues

  • Until the new odoc fixing #141 is released, the minimal header allowed in the md file will be the level 3 one ###. You can work around this by using the -min-header 3 flag during the invocation of md2mld.
  • If you see an error like '{0': heading level should be lower than top heading level '0', this is because in ocamldoc the first header must have a level higher than all other headings in the page. You can safely ignore it or increase the level of the subsequent headings to get rid of it.