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merlin 4.8

Fri Feb 24 16:55:42 CEST 2023

  • merlin binary

    • Recognize OCaml 5.0 cmi magic number in compiler version mismatch message (#1554, fixes #1553)

    • Upgrade Merlin from the RC2 to the stable 5.0.0 compiler release (#1559, fixes #1558)

    • Improve type-enclosing behaviour when used on records' labels (#1565, fixes #1564)

    • Restore compatibility with the compiler's command line by accepting the -safe-string flag as a no-op instead of rejecting it (#1544, fixes #1518)

    • Traverse aliases when jumping to declaration. This matches jump-to-definition's behavior (#1563)

    • Improve locate's behavior in various ill-typed expressions (#1546, fixes #1567 and partially #1543)

    • Correctly traverse patterns when looking for docs in the typedtree (#1572)

    • Get documentation when the declaration or definition is selected (#1542, fixes #1540)

    • On Windows, change to a harmless directory when launching server to avoid locking down current directory (#1569, fixes #1474)

  • editor modes

    • emacs: Fix misuse of eq comparison (#1549, @mattiase)

    • emacs: xref works from context menus; better highlighting of xref matches; xref recognises operators and binding operators at the cursor position; bad locations are filtered out (#1385, fixes #1410, @mattiase)

  • test suite

    • Add a test for incorrect alert defaults (#1559)

    • Add multiple tests for locate over ill-typed expressions (#1546)

    • Add non-regression tests for other fixes in this release

merlin 4.7.1

Thu Dec 13 11:49:42 CEST 2022

  • merlin binary

    • Restore compatibility with the compiler's command line by accepting the -safe-string flag as a no-op instead of rejecting it. (#1544, fixes #1518)

    • Mark some C variables as unused to remove warnings (#1541, @antalsz)

merlin 4.7

Thu Nov 24 17:49:42 CEST 2022

  • merlin binary

    • Replace custom "holes" AST nodes by extensions. This restores binary compatibility and fixes issues with PPXs when using typed-holes. (#1503)

    • Do not change temporarily Merlin's cwd when starting a PPX (#1521, fixes #1420)

    • Fix a parsing issue when declaring the (??) custom prefix operator. (#1507, fixes #1506)

    • Fix variant constructors' comments grouping (#1516, @mheiber, fixes #1513)

    • Filter-out duplicates from the enclosing command result (#1512)

    • Add a new verbosity=smart mode for type enclosing that only expand modules' types (#1374, @ulugbekna)

    • Improve locate for labels' declarations in the current buffer. (#1505, fixes #1524)

    • Fix locate on module without implementation (#1522, fixes #1519)

    • Allow program name customization when merlin is used as a library. (#1532)

  • editor modes

    • vim: load the plugin when necessary if it wasn't loaded before (#1511)

    • emacs: update CI for newer releases and fix some warnings (#1454, @mattiase)

  • test suite

    • Add tests for constructors' documentation (#1511)

    • Add test cases for label comment documentation (#1526, @mheiber)

    • Add a test for the enclosing command (#1512)

    • Add tests for interactions between locate and record labels (#1505)

    • Add test showing an issue with locate and implicit transitive deps

merlin 4.6

Thu Jun 30 14:51:42 CEST 2022

  • merlin binary

    • make most library public and split merlin in two packages: the merlin-lib package that exposes merlin's internals and the merlin package with the frontend. (#1448, #1455, #1457, #1497, @rgrinberg, @tmattio, @kit-ty-kate)

    • Type printing: use best_module_path for paths from Mty_alias (#1470)

    • Attempt at finding the 'real' capitalization of files on windows (#1462 by @mlasson)

    • Use newer Seq-based API of Yojson 2.0, avoiding the need for the deprecated Stream module (#1475 by @Leonidas-from-XIV)

    • unify parsing of MERLIN_LOG (#1480 by @ulugbekna)

    • Fix type deduplication in type-enclosing results (#1483, fixes #1477)

    • Only weakly reduce the shapes to speed up the new Merlin locate implementation. (#1488)

    • Ignore unknown configuration tags from dune configuration provider but not from dot-merlin-reader (#1486)

    • typing recovery: recover at the granularity of core_type (#1484)

  • editor modes

    • add method imenu items for emacs (#1481, @mndrix)

    • emacs: Make the prefix argument to merlin-locate optional, both for consistency with Emacs convention and for backwards compatibility. (#1476, @antalsz)

    • emacs: fix duplicated prefix path in imenu entries (#1495, @bcc32)

merlin 4.5

Tue Apr 5 20:51:42 CEST 2022

  • merlin binary

    • don't reset the environment when running merlin in single mode so that the parent environment is forwarded the the child processes (#1425)

    • filter dups in source paths (#1218)

    • improve load path performance (#1323)

    • fix handlink of ppx's under Windows (#1413)

    • locate: look for original source files before looking for preprocessed files (#1219 by @ddickstein, fixes #894)

    • handle = syntax in compiler flags (#1409)

    • expose all destruct exceptions in the api (#1437)

    • fix superfluous break in error reporting (#1432)

    • recognise binding operators in locate and occurrences (#1398, @mattiase)

    • remove dependency on Result (#1441, @kit-ty-kate)

    • use the new "shapes" generated by the compiler to perform precise jump-to-definition (#1431)

  • editor modes

    • fix an issue in Neovim where the current line jumps to the top of the window on repeated calls to MerlinTypeOf (#1433 by @ddickstein, fixes #1221)

    • add module, module type, and class imenu items for emacs (#1244, @ivg)

    • add prefix argument to force or prevent opening in a new buffer in locate command (#1426, @panglesd)

    • add type-on-hover functionality for vim (#1439, @nilsbecker)

    • add a dedicated buffer *merlin-errors* containing the last viewed error (#1414, @panglesd)

  • test suite

    • make merlin-wrapper create a default .merlin file only when there is no dune-project to let tests use dune ocaml-merlin reader. (#1425)

    • cover locate calls on module aliases with and without dune

    • Add a test expliciting the interaction between locate and Dune's generated source files (#1444)

merlin 4.4

Mon Jul 26 11:12:21 PM CET 2021

  • ocaml support

    • add support for 4.13

    • stopped actively supporting version older than 4.12

  • merlin binary

    • Mbrowse.select_leaf: correctly ignore merlin.hide (#1376)

    • enable occurences to work when looking for locally abstract types (#1382)

    • handle -alert compiler flag (#1401)

    • avoid a race condition when the process started to read a configuration file crashes/is not found (#1378, @antalsz)

    • log the backtrace even when the exception is a Failure (#1377, @antalsz)

    • ignore -error-style compiler flag (#1402, @nojb)

    • fix handling of record field expressions (#1375)

    • allow -pp to return an AST (#1394)

    • fix merlin crashing due to short-paths (#1334, fixes #1322)

  • editor modes

    • update quick setup instructions for emacs (#1380, @ScriptDevil)

  • test suite

    • improve record field destruction testing (#1375)

merlin 4.3.1

Mon Jul 26 04:45:37 PM CET 2021

  • merlin binary

    • recover ill-typed patterns (#1317, #1342)

    • more accurate type-enclosing for methods (#1328, fixes #1124)

    • fix location of patterns in Occurrences (#1324, fixes ocaml/ocaml-lsp#375)

    • fix location of module definitions done via functors (#1329, fixes #1199)

    • fix -cmt-path dirs mistakenly added to build path (#1330)

    • add new module holes that can replace module expressions (#1333)

    • add a new command construct that builds a list of possible terms when called on a typed hole (#1318)

    • refactor-open improvements (#1313, #1314, #1366, #1372)

      • do not make paths absolute, simply prefix with the identifier under the cursor

        open Foo (* calling refactor-open qualify on this open *)
        let _ = (* previously could result in [] *)
      • do not return identical (duplicate) edits

      • do not return unnecessary edits that when applied do not change the document

      • handle record fields properly

      • handle multi-line paths

      • unqualify should not qualify

    • Handle Persistent_env.Error in Typemod.initial_env (#1355)

    • locate: reset global state from all entry points (#1364)

    • Windows: replace user name by its SID in socketnames (#1345, @ttamttam)

  • editor modes

    • vim: add a simple interface to the new construct command: MerlinConstruct. When several results are suggested, <c-i> and <c-u> can be use to change the depth of the recursive construction. (#1318)

    • vim: add support for the merlin-locate-type command: MerlinLocateType (#1359)

    • emacs: add a simple interface to the new construct command: merlin-construct. (#1352)

    • emacs: add support for the merlin-locate-type command. (#1359)

    • emacs: fix issue with merlin--highlight and various minor improvements (#1367, @mattiase)

  • test suite

    • cover the new construct command (#1318)

    • disable tests failing in Opam's CI due to nested dune projects (#1373)

merlin 4.2

Tue Apr 12 11:44:22 AM CET 2021

  • merlin binary

    • external configuration reading:

      • use relative paths to communicate with Dune when possible. This solves issues related to symlinks on Unix and improve Windows support (#1271, fixes #1288)

      • make the workdir configuration value when using the dune ocaml-merlin configuration provider the same as when using dot-merlin-reader so that ppxes behaves in the same way as before (#1284, fixes ocaml/dune#4479, discussion in #1292)

    • destruct:

      • improve prefixing of generated constructors in Destruct by filtering opened modules (#1277)

      • make the destruct command more resilient to ill-typed expressions and when called without nodes (#1304, fixes #1300)

    • reintroduce some record recovery and improve completion (#1276)

    • introduce a new AST node for holes (_), allow correct typing of these holes and add a new holes command that returns the locations of all holes in the current file along with their types (#1242, #1289)

    • Mppx: don't restore cookies after invocation. Ppx are invoked only once so there is no need to manage cookies. This small change should increase performance and should not change any other behavior (#1309)

    • Windows: system command variant: do not open a window console when launching a ppx (#1270, fixes #714)

    • fix same file documentation bug (#1265 by @ulugbekna, fixes #1261)

  • editor modes

    • vim: Add MerlinNextHole and MerlinPreviousHole commands to navigate between holes. Jump to the first hole after destruct (#1287, #1303)

    • emacs: Add merlin-next-hole and merlin-previous-hole commands to navigate holes. Jump to the first hole after calling destruct. (#1291)

    • emacs: modernization of the elisp code and conformance with coding guidelines (#1247, #1310 by Steve Purcell )

    • vim & emacs : new client-side "merlin use package" commands, restoring previous behavior (#1272, fixes #1191)

  • test suite

    • cover constructor disambiguation and record fields (#1276)

    • cover the new holes command and AST node (#1242, #1289)

    • cover the document fix (#1265, #1315)

merlin 4.1

Tue Feb 16 10:33:11 AM CET 2021

  • merlin binary:

    • fix windows paths canonicalization (#1254)

    • fix hanging on windows (#1256, #1263)

merlin 4.0

Tue Feb 2 03:13:37 PM CET 2021

  • ocaml support Detailed list of changes on Summary:

    • any revision of Merlin now only supports one version of OCaml. Support for other versions will be found in other branches

    • stopped actively supporting version older than 4.11

    • add support for 4.12

  • merlin binary

    • add keyword completion (disabled by default) (#1243)

    • fix a bug which caused type-enclosing to sometimes look at an incorrect node (#1232, fixes #1226)

    • properly report leaked parsing error (#1223, fixes #1222)

    • wrap merlin_analysis and merlin_utils library

  • editor modes

    • emacs: add missing mandatory argument for define-obsolete-function-alias (#1250, by Atharva Shukla, fixes #1234)

    • emacs: use "opam var" instead of "opam config var" (#1249, by Raja Boujbel)

    • vim: fix CursorMoved semantics (#1213, by @ddickstein)

    • vim: add :MerlinLocateImpl and :MerlinLocateIntf (#1208 by Matthew Ryan)

  • test suite

    • replace mdx usage by dune's cram mechanism

merlin 3.4.2

Fri Nov 13 12:16:42 CEST 2020

  • merlin binary

    • simplify local store implementation and API (#1188, #1184)

    • fix a destruct issue allowing ill-typed match completions (#1194)

merlin 3.4.1

Thu Oct 1 15:31:42 CEST 2020

  • dot-merlin-reader

    • fix issue when multiple packages with pxxes are declared in the configuration. (#1181, fixes #1179)

merlin 3.4.0

Wed Sep 16 15:00:42 CEST 2020

  • merlin binary

    • fix completion of pattern matchings with exception patterns (#1169)

    • delegate configuration reading to external programs via a simple protocol and create a new package dot-merlin-reader with a binary that reads .merlin files. (#1123, #1152)

merlin 3.3.8

Thu Aug 27 14:48:42 CEST 2020

  • merlin binary

    • dune: restore compatibility with dune 1.8.0 (#1157, #1153)

merlin 3.3.7

Tue Aug 25 15:13:42 CEST 2020

  • ocaml support

    • full support from OCaml 4.02 to OCaml 4.11 (#1153)

merlin 3.3.6

Fri Jun 12 10:51:42 CEST 2020

  • merlin binary

    • dune: remove duplicated rules for profile=release (#1143)

  • test suite

    • fix a test that required Dune 2.5 (#1146)

    • fix another test that lacked reproducibility (#1146)

merlin 3.3.5

Tue Jun 9 15:13:42 CEST 2020

  • ocaml support

    • alerts are no-more ignored and are reported as warnings (#1138)

  • merlin binary

    • fix completion of names containing - (#1142)

    • fix several type-enclosing bugs by performing context-analysis (#1108)

    • lsp: add deprecation flag to outline items (#1087)

    • lsp: add go-to typedef (Locate_type) (#1067)

merlin 3.3.4

Tue Apr 14 15:25:05 CEST 2020

  • ocaml support

    • full support from OCaml 4.02 to OCaml 4.10 (#1117, #1127)

    • fix desynchronized cache (#1120)

    • short path for OCaml 4.09 and OCaml 4.10 (#1082, #1117)

    • catch and test environment initialization errors (#1083, #1130)

    • restore type levels after recovery (#1092)

  • merlin binary

    • fix syntax errors in 4.08 and 4.09 (#1081)

    • complete-prefix command accepts -kind option to filter results (#1071)

    • code cleanup (#1093, #1079, #1112)

    • better handling of expression and pattern extra nodes during browse tree traversal (#1091, #1121)

    • improve context detection (e.g. appropriate namespace for lookup) for various queries (#1104, #1110)

    • add stdlib to locate source path (#1085)

  • editor modes

    • vim: tweak heuristic to select python version (#1111)

    • emacs: marlin/call

    • lsp: move server to its own repository (#1069),

  • test suite

    • dune rules for the test suite are now generated, deterministic and can be run individually (#1068, #1070, #1072)

    • fix incorrect command-line arguments in tests (#1073)

    • better coverage of frontend features (#1075, #1078, #1088, #1089, #1126)

Build no longer relies on implicit transitive_deps (#1065).

merlin 3.3.4~4.10preview1

Mon Mar 2 14:26:32 CET 2020

This is a preview release that adds support for OCaml 4.10. Short-path is disabled. Other versions of OCaml are not supported.

merlin 3.3.3

Fri Nov 29 17:35:58 CET 2019

  • backend

    • support OCaml 4.09 (#1055)

    • fix parse errors in 4.08 (#1037)

    • update 4.08 support to OCaml 4.08.1 (#1053)

    • support without_cmis

    • separate reading from caching in file-cache, use caching in Env.check_state_consistency (#1044)

    • simplify compiler state management (#1056, #1059)

    • fix creation of initial environment, improve compatibility with upstream 4.08 (#1052)

  • frontend

    • code re-organization (#1042)

    • error command: select which kind of errors to show (#995)

    • print value types in outline (#1014)

    • fix process handling in windows (#1005)

  • editor modes

    • emacs

      • bugfixes in merlin-imenu, merlin-xref (#1000, #1021, #1001)

      • show types in merlin-imenu (#1013)

      • reset buffer local configurations when resetting server (#1004)

      • remove merlin-use-tuareg-imenu

      • fix stack overflow (#1024)

      • fix merlin-occurrence (#1043)

    • vim

      • display warn-error warnings as errors (#1009)

  • testsuite

    • cover file-cache and check_state_consistency (#1044)

    • check inconsistent assumptions, test server versus single modes (#1047)

merlin 3.3.2

Mon Jul 15 11:10:35 CEST 2019

  • backend

    • ** globbing in .merlin won't look into hidden directories (starting with a '.') (by Daniel Bünzli, #990)

    • fallback to "/dev/null" configuration for findlib

    • better 4.08 support:

      • support for letop (let+, and+, ...) (#986)

      • fix parsing recovery for 4.08 constructions (#987)

      • catch an exception raised by 4.08 Printtyp trying to rename a persistent identifier (#991)

    • locate: treat local locations differently from external locations (coming from a cmi), this fixes "jump to definition" on mutually recursive bindings (#984)

    • when completing an infix operator in a sub-module, wrap with () (#992)

    • disable arity checks on externals (for Bucklescript compatibility)

    • remove parser preprocessing (simplify compilation for OCaml < 4.08) (#997)

  • editor modes

    • emacs

      • fix position computation in presence of tabs or multi-byte characters (#981)

      • log arguments in "merlin-debug-last-commands" (#981)

    • vim

      • install reason.vim file (by Hezekiah M. Carty, #974)

merlin 3.3.1

Mon Jun 17 17:13:33 CEST 2019

  • backend

    • catch findlib initialization failures and keep going on

merlin 3.3.0

Fri May 31 11:09:08 BST 2019

  • backend

    • interpret -pp flag

    • backtrack warnings in all versions, not just 4.06

    • silence C compiler warnings (by David Allsopp and Bernhard Schommer)

    • remove sturgeon support

    • allow to select sections to log

    • better error message on ocaml version mismatch

    • locate:

      • handle functors and functor applications

      • do not use the location coming from the environment

    • tweaked caching policy

    • fix environment when a file disappears

    • fix -short-paths handling of classes and class types (by Leo White)

    • don't select deprecated paths in -short-paths (by Leo White)

    • return type info in outline query (by Andrey Popp)

    • properly handle new lines in the lexer

    • better tracking of errors reported by the parser and by preprocessors

    • add support for OCaml 4.08

    • tweaked the recovery strategy in presence of syntax errors

    • timing information in replies now includes wall clock time.

    • dump command can new dump the parsetree post preprocessing

  • editors modes

    • emacs

      • fix merlin-xref.el install (by Emilio Jesus Gallego Arias)

      • keep labels matching the prefix the user has typed rather than dropping them (by Mitchell Plamann)

      • remove unused merlin--overlay function (by Wilfred Hughes)

      • show the number of errors in the modline (by Wilfred Hughes)

      • call a logger on the client side if one is defined

      • allow user to disable completion inside comments and strings

      • show errors and types even when buffer is narrowed (by Wilfred Hughes)

      • make sure PATH is updated when merlin-command is 'opam

    • vim

      • better FindBinary

      • make the log buffer a scratch buffer (by Tom Johnson)

      • execute buffer switching silently (by Fabian)

      • restore view after updating merlin type buffer (by Fabian)

  • testsuite

    • Switched to mdx with cram syntax.

Special thanks to Rudi Grinberg for helping us in reviewing and merging pull-requests.

merlin 3.2.2

Tue Oct 9 11:25:12 BST 2018

Update cmt magic number for 4.07.1

merlin 3.2.1

Mon Oct 8 11:44:16 BST 2018

Fix build on OCaml 4.02 to 4.04

merlin 3.2.0

Mon Oct 8 10:41:24 BST 2018

Switched build to dune (thanks to @nojb). Added support for 4.07.1 Various bugfixes in the backend and in the editor modes.

merlin 3.1.0

Wed Jun 20 14:05:04 BST 2018

  • backend

    • new "polarity search" feature: provides a Hoogle-like type-based search for libraries that are in merlin's scope. See

    • new "open refactoring" feature: helps cleaning the code in the scope of an open statement. See

    • spell-checking: a simple spell-checker has been added to suggest corrections when nothing can be directly completed.

    • type-driven record completion: merlin will now make use of type information from the context for narrowing and refining completion candidates.

    • support for #require directive in a source file, and will treat it as a package use

    • Add support for OCaml 4.07

    • locate: various minor bugfixes, as well as the following general improvements:

      • improved context detection

      • better tracking of namespaces

      • fixed support for local bindings

      • fixed support of disambiguated record fields and variant constructors

      • improved support for functors: merlin will now jump through functor application to the functor definitions and in some cases go back to the argument that was given (if it is simply reexported).

    • backport fixes of OCaml 4.06.1 to the 4.06 backend

    • various minor bugfixes

  • editor modes

    • emacs

      • proper handling of multibyte strings (by @Chris00)

      • bind "q" to close type buffer (by @MiloDavis)

      • make goto-point encoding independent

      • add reason-mode to the guessed favorite mode list (by @Khady)

      • sped up some tight loops (by @rgrinberg)

      • add support for x-ref backend (by @rgrinberg)

    • vim

      • fix support for Neomake (by @bobbypriambodo and @statianzo)

      • fix encoding issues in filepaths (by @Thelyria)

      • fix handling of enclosing-type cache (by @ELLIOTTCABLE)

      • add to prevent flashing when highlighting an enclosing (by @bluddy)

Thanks to the people who contributed to this release: ELLIOTTCABLE, Louis Roché, Rudi Grinberg, Yotam Barnoy, Leo White, Daniel Below, Andreas Hauptmann, Christophe Troestler, Bobby Priambodo, Milo Davis.

merlin 3.0.5

Mon Nov 13 18:30:02 CET 2017

Fix magic numbers for 4.06 (issue #749, reported by @Fourchaux).

merlin 3.0.4

Sun Nov 12 10:14:03 CET 2017

Add support for 4.06. Use Leo White's short-path for 4.05. Various bug fixes (in locate, in emacs serialization).

merlin 3.0.3

Mon Oct 2 12:56:23 CEST 2017

The major change Windows support is contributed by David Allsopp.

Other changes are a bunch of fixes:

  • compilation on FreeBSD contributed by Malcolm Matalka

  • improvement to emacs mode contributed by Olivier Andrieu, Christophe Troestler and Steve Purcell

  • improvement to vim mode by Fabian Hemmer and Gregory Nisbet

  • fixes to ppx invocation by Keigo Imai

  • fixes to Merlin s-expr dialect to bring UTF-8 compatibility with Emacs (WIP)

merlin 3.0.2

Wed Aug 2 15:09:07 CEST 2017

Bug fix after 3.0.1:

  • CMT magic number for 4.05 was wrong

  • handle merlin.focus, merlin.ignore, merlin.loc/merlin.relaxed-loc and merlin.syntax-error

  • missing include preventing build on some platforms contributed by Bernhard Schommer

merlin 3.0.1

Wed Jul 26 18:25:23 CEST 2017

Bug fix release after 3.0.0 major release:

  • portability fixes by David Allsop in configure script and vim mode (tough Windows support is not ready yet)

  • preliminary support for findlib toolchains with FINDLIB_TOOLCHAIN .merlin directive

  • make ocamlmerlin.c frontend more portable

  • various fixes to the frontend

merlin 3.0.0

Mon Jul 24 11:21:58 CEST 2017

The major change is a new protocol that moves process management inside Merlin codebase, saving a lot of pain in Emacs and Vim. There are not much new user facing features.

Windows support is not yet available.

In editor configuration is now done with merlin-flags, merlin-extensions and merlin-use in Emacs and :MerlinFlags, :MerlinExtensions and :MerlinPackages in Vim. In previous versions, enabled extensions, flags and packages were retained while now only the last command is remembered.

"M-x merlin-use a", "M-x merlin-use b" should be replaced by "M-x merlin-use a,b". ":MerlinUse a", ":MerlinUse b" should be replaced by ":MerlinUse a b".

The old protocol is still supported, so existing editor modes should not be affected (tested with Atom, Visual Studio and Sublime-text).

Other main changes:

  • Support for OCaml 4.05 was added

  • Merlin uses a new implementation of short-path by Leo White which addresses performance problems

  • Merlin now works with the upstream version of Menhir

  • numerous cleanup and refactoring to decrease the amount of changes to upstream typechecker

  • emacs-imenu feature was contributed by tddsg. It is similar the "outline" feature in vim for navigating in a buffer.

Thanks to the many contributors (Jochen Bartl, tddsg, Ximin Luo, Jason Staten, Leo White, Leandro Ostera, Jacob Bass, Xavier Guérin, Yotam Barnoy, Jacques Pascal Deplaix, David Allsopp, ...).

merlin 2.5.5

Wed Jun 14 14:54:32 CEST 2017

Minor release:

  • fix flag parsing in .merlin (#661)

merlin 2.5.4

Tue Apr 25 15:07:18 CEST 2017

Minor release:

  • handle hole in 4.04

  • bug fixes in emacs mode

  • introduce merlin-imenu

merlin 2.5.3

Mon Nov 28 09:54:57 CET 2016

Minor release:

  • fix Windows build with MSVC (#605).

  • fix module level errors escaping

merlin 2.5.2

Wed Nov 16 14:44:19 CET 2016

This release mainly brings support for OCaml 4.04. Internal code was simplified and bugs were fixed in the meantime (cache invalidation, ast traversal, type error recovery, certain cases of completion, ppx working directory, locate, ...).

merlin 2.5.1

Tue Oct 18 12:04:19 CEST 2016

Bug fix release before major version.

  • reintroduce lazy substitution to fix performance issue

  • add "FINDLIB_PATH" directive to .merlin (contributed by Gerd Stolpmann)

  • relax arity checks on externals (harmless, requested by Hongbo Zang)

  • handle case insensitivity of OS X (fix longstanding bug)

  • fix build under Cygwin

  • minor cleanup, portability and usability improvements in build system and editor modes

merlin 2.5.0

Mon Jun 13 22:26:33 CEST 2016

  • frontend:

    • now all commands can take a context, this reduce the amount of state in the command interpreter. Long term goal is to make protocol stateless

    • merlin now supports customizable "readers": processes responsible for parsing and pretty-printing. Main use-case is Reason, cppo/optcomp support might be added later

  • backend:

    • drop support for 4.00 / 4.01

    • support for 4.03 has been added

    • new implementation of type recovery, should diverge less from upstream

    • support for 4.02 was reimplemented to use the same design

    • menhir's fork has been synchronized with upstream, recovery algorithm is completely new

  • vim: add support for python3, update to new protocol

  • emacs: update to new protocol, bug fixes

merlin 2.3.1

Wed Nov 25 15:01:47 CET 2015

Bug fix release, fix builds under Mac OS X and Windows.

  • backend:

    • improve support for module aliases in completion, locate and short-path

    • change management of flags

    • Cuillère ou Dorade

    • fix grammar for 4.02.3, support attributes on core_types

  • emacs & vim: minor fixes

merlin 2.3

Wed Oct 28 14:32:48 CET 2015

  • backend:

    • locate: fix assert failure on first class modules inclusion

    • outline: add support for classes and object types

    • nonrec: enable by default for OCaml >= 4.02.2

    • error reporting: less aggressive filtering on ghost locs

    • finer-grained tracking of usage (values, opened modules, etc)

    • significant improvement in the handling of PPX extensions:

      • fix shell commandline and working directory

      • normalize parsetree locations

      • implement caching of intermediate rewriting

    • merged support for MetaOCaml

    • path to the standard library can now be specified with STDLIB command in .merlin

    • BrowseT: split into Browse_node (OCaml version specific) and Merlin_browse, extract recursion scheme

    • add Jump command, contributed by Tomasz Kołodziejski

    • contextual-commands: optionnally specify the context (file, project) in which each command is interpreted

    • better support for trunk

    • many bugfixes

  • documentation:

    • update ARCHITECTURE and PROTOCOL documentations

  • emacs:

    • make use of contextual-commands, non backward compatible protocol change

    • new merlin-set-flags command

    • split into multiple files

    • cleanup symbol namespaces:

      • merlin- for user targeted definitions

      • merlin-- for internal definitions,

      • merlin/ for API definitions

    • usability tweaks, notably on error display and navigation

    • general cleanup and bugfixes

  • vim:

    • expose custom .merlin loading through buffer variable

    • cleanup and bugfixes, notably process liveness check and restart

This release also contains contributions from: Rudi Grinberg, Fourchaux, Christopher Reichert, David Allsopp, Nick Borden, Mario Rodas, @Twinside, Pierre Chambart, Philipp Haselwarter, Tomasz Kołodziejski and Syohei Yoshida.

merlin 2.2

Wed May 20 09:44:55 EDT 2015

  • backend:

    • completion

      • return the type of the expected argument when completing an application. This allows us to offer completion for named and optional parameters, as well as polymorphic variants

      • optionally associates ocamldoc comments to candidates

      • adds field completion inside records ( #296 )

    • locate:

      • partially rewritten, introduces a new kind of cache (so potentially noticeably bigger memory consumption)

      • better handling of functors

      • handle local modules

      • fix occasional "inconsistent assumptions"

    • error reporting:

      • handle environment errors (inconsistent assumptions, …)

      • filter duplicated messages

      • fix type error reporting: "this expression has type t = t but an expression was expected of type u = u" we now only print the equality when it adds some information

      • less noisy pattern recovery: when every pattern is recovered, consider that the matched expression is the the source of the problem, and retry typing with "'a" as the type of the matched expression.

    • add support for trunk

    • add a "document" command: takes an ident and return its documentation (if any)

    • destruct: use more precise environments ( #389 )

    • warnings:

      • check signature inclusion to prevent spurious warnings about unused declarations

      • backport 4.02-style warning management

      • add a dump command

    • nonrec: update implementation to more-or-less match the upstream one (upstream >= 4.02.2)

    • parser: improve marking heuristic in presence of ;; or toplevel directives.

    • typeof: during verbose expansion, also print the type declaration if we have a type constructor

  • emacs:

    • fix bindings of every completion backend

    • bind ocamldoc comments to company (optional)

    • detect race conditions when running synchronous commands

    • cleanup "merlin-process-started-p"

    • locate error messages were silently ignored, they are now printed

    • drop text properties from commands sent to merlin (pull request #383 by milanst)

    • Tell merlin the content of the buffer when opening a new buffer. This allows merlin idle-job to preload content if nothing else is requested.

    • remove call to merlin from the lighter

  • vim:

    • fix ctrlp binding for locate

    • add (dwim) completion on :TypeOf

    • while completing, candidates documentation can be displayed in the "preview" window

    • prefix every command name by "Merlin" ( #379 )

    • Tell merlin the content of the buffer when opening a new buffer. This allows merlin idle-job to preload content if nothing else is requested.

merlin 2.1.2

Tue Mar 3 12:20:08 UTC 2015

Main new feature is a faster short-path, and also a lot of buxfixes.

  • backend:

    • merge new implementation of short-path

    • infrastructure for doing background computations

    • fix exhaustivity checking of GADTs

    • fix Typecore error reporting in 4.00.1 & 4.01.0

    • delayed checks are now enabled (e.g warnings)

    • special handling of "" (issue #363)

    • better sharing/caching of global modules

    • more customizable .merlin loading

    • minor fixes (better error messages, typos, "fake" extensions)

  • build system:

    • allow bytecode builds, support OpenBSD (pull request #364 by madroach)

    • Refuse/Resist... environment variables redefinition

  • vim:

    • fix charset/encoding detection (pull request #352 by rgrinberg)

    • minor fixes and simplification

  • emacs:

    • better integration with emacs error management and asynchronous handling

    • expose custom .merlin loading in merlin-grouping-function

    • fixes, printf-debugging cleanup

merlin 2.1.1

Wed Jan 28 08:59:20 GMT 2015

  • backend:

    • locate: merlin refused to locate things when it had no context (happens when the buffer didn't parse for example) claiming it was at the "definition point". Fixed.

    • locate: use the cmt path when no ml file was found in the source path (this might not be such a good idea, the cases when this work are the ones where the user configuration is wrong...)

    • destruct: qualify introduced constructors

    • destruct: eliminate "impossible" GADT branches

    • parser: handle '%' as an operator for 4.00 and 4.01 ( #345 )

  • fake:

    • add typerep support

    • never generate '_ type variables.

  • vim:

    • show duplicated outlines in CtrlP

    • sort outlines by name length in CtrlP

    • when split method is set to 'tab' always open a new tab.

merlin 2.1

Sun Jan 11 22:20:23 CET 2015

  • backend:

    • add PPX support

    • make use of context before locating (#308, #316, #318).

    • generate match patterns for arbitrary expressions and missing patterns for incomplete matchings (#123).

    • reintroduce type expansion (asking the times of the same expression several times will resolve type aliases).

    • "smart" (a.k.a "do what I mean") completion: L.m will expand to ; List.m... ; ; ... if L doesn't exist.

    • simplify incremental parser and typer interfaces

    • locate: better handling of packed modules (supposedly)

    • more precise recovery on patterns (before the recovery was done at the expression level, so the whole match was discarded, now only the pattern is)

  • emacs:

    • don't use fringe in emacs23 (broken)

    • remove obsolete aliases: merlin-occurences => merlin-occurrences merlin-to-end => merlin-error-check

    • disable merlin-mode on type buffer

    • require caml-types (needed for highlighting) (#331).

  • misc:

    • update README (#301).

  • vim:

    • add a type history buffer (#313, #322) -- only available for vim > 7.3.

    • highlight types when displaying them in the command line -- only for vim > 7.3

    • add tab completion for the argument of the :Locate command

    • add support for text objects based on type enclosing

    • introduce an interactive version of :Rename

    • locate results can now be shown in a new or existing tab (#335)

    • use fileencoding where necessary (#332)

    • ctrlp bindings for outline and locate

This release also contains contributions from: Geoff Gole, Rudi Grinberg, Markus Mottl, Roman Vorobets and Arthur Wendling.

merlin 2.0

Fri Oct 31 11:04:21 CET 2014

This is a major release which we worked on for several months, rewriting many parts of the codebase. An exhaustive list of changes is therefore impossible to give, but here are some key points (from an user perspective):

  • support for OCaml 4.02.{0,1}

  • more precise recovery in presence of syntax errors

  • more user-friendly messages for syntax errors

  • locate now works on MLI files

  • automatic reloading of .merlin files (when they are update or created), it is no longer necessary to restart merlin

  • introduced a small refactoring command: rename, who renames all occurrences of an identifier. See:

This release also contains contributions from: Yotam Barnoy, Jacques-Pascal Deplaix, Geoff Gole, Rudi Grinberg, Steve Purcell and Jan Rehders.

merlin 1.7.1

Fri Aug 22 10:01:58 CEST 2014

Minor update to installation procedure

merlin 1.7

Mon Aug 18 17:08:00 BST 2014

This release also marks the apparition of a proper opam install script.

  • backend:

    • fixes on locate

    • print manifests even when -short-paths is set

    • add an "occurrences" command to list every occurrence of an identifier ( #156 )

    • new "version" command ( #180 )

    • add CPU time to log files ( #192 )

    • better error reporting from locate ( #190 )

  • documentation:

    • update vim doc file ( #204 )

    • typo correction in the README by Philippe Wang ( #195 )

  • emacs:

    • fix most byte compilation warnings, by Geoff Gole ( #209 )

    • numerous fixes

  • vim:

    • add error list independent from syntastic

    • fix completion for vim<=703 (#223)

merlin 1.6

Tue Mar 11 14:33:55 CET 2014

  • backend:

    • small memory leak fix

    • major improvements and bugfixes for locate (i.e. "jump to definition")

  • emacs:

    • fixed bug preventing merlin restart ( #167 )

    • removed keybindings reserved to users ( #170 ) the full list is:

      • C-c l previously bound to merlin-use

      • C-c r previously bound to merlin-restart-process

      • C-c t previously bound to merlin-type-expr

    • removed keybindings on C-<up> and C-<down> as these already have a meaning in emacs ( #129 ) They were bound to merlin-type-enclosing-go-up and merlin-type-enclosing-go-down respectively.

    • the emacs mode is now compiled (contribution from Jacques-Pascal Deplaix #158 , with a follow up from Rudy Grinberg #165 )

    • improved efficiency of completion at point

  • extensions:

    • added support for variantslib ( #132 )

    • updated fieldslib support ( #169 , #185 )

    • fix pa_lwt translation ( #182 )

    • added support for pa_enumerate ( #187 )

  • vim:

    • the split method for locate can now be configured

merlin 1.5

Sat Dec 14 19:45:06 CET 2013

  • backend:

    • better handling of paths (both sources and build)

    • split build path into cmi and cmt path. New directives "CMI" and "CMT" are now available in .merlin files ("B" still works as previously)

    • doesn't get confused anymore when the user switch between buffers (the state is cleaned)

  • emacs:

    • adds ability to enable/disable extensions manually

    • adds a command to clear all the errors from a buffer

    • displaying of errors can now be disabled

  • extensions

    • updated bin_prot for version >= 109.45.00

    • bugfix for [with compare] in presence of parametrized types

    • added support for "here" (when activated adds [val here : Lexing.position])

    • added support for [assert_lwt]

    • fixed typing of [while_lwt]

  • vim:

    • vim plugin can be installed into a custom directory and has its own makefile target (contribution from Vsevolod Velichko)

    • added "ClearEnclosing" command to remove merlin's overlay after a call to TypeOf.

merlin 1.4.1

Thu Sep 26 21:29:56 BST 2013

  • documentation:

    • updates of the emacs section of the readme by Ronan Lehy.

  • emacs:

    • bugfix for ac-mode: merlin-ac-prefix wasn't called.

    • better formatting for completion suggestions.

  • vim:

    • bugfix for the "selectPhrase" command, an overflow on 32b plateform was causing complete desynchronisation between vim and merlin.

    • better formatting for completion suggestions.

merlin 1.4.0

Tue Sep 24 23:02:04 BST 2013

  • backend:

    • lazy processing of open directives makes merlin much faster

    • simplified buffer management

    • tweak signal handling to improve windows compatibility

    • track verbosity of query: repeated queries are considered more "verbose"

    • type expansion: expand type aliases for verbose query

    • add support for OUnit-like Benchmark extension

    • more tolerant type checker, to provide completion on ill-typed expressions

    • proper version reporting with git revision

    • refactored logging subsystem

    • add support "val constructs" in implementation: report errors but add definition to current environment

    • add FLG, EXT and PRJ in .merlin

    • "locate" command now works in much more situations

    • one distribution for 4.00 and 4.01, introduced common interface between both, typers now live in

    • new implementation of the main merlin state tracking ast & types

    • better error reporting thanks to a contribution from Ronan Lehy

  • documentation:

    • started a wiki (

    • wrote 'from-scratch' guides to ease setting-up merlin in your editor

  • emacs

    • during completion with auto-complete, you can hit C-c C-l on a candidate to jump on its definition

    • made communication with merlin asynchronous (using transfer queues) hence improving responsiveness

    • when running a merlin command, the errors present in all phrases but the current one are displayed

    • fixed buffer cleaning

    • successive call to C-c C-t do not climb the typed tree but improve merlin's verbosity. To move inside the tree use C-down and C-up (which implements phrase movement if there is no enclosing started).

    • customize data for merlin

    • refactoring and numerous bugfixes

merlin 1.3.1

Minor release, but merlin is now compatible with ocaml versions > 4.00.1. The only noticeable changes since 1.3 is the use of short paths even with version 4.00.1 of ocaml.

merlin 1.3

  • backend:

    • added a "locate" command to find the definition location of the given identifier works on the local buffer out of the box and at project level if it the build directories contain cmt files

  • emacs:

    • various bugfixes

    • aesthetic changes for highlighting

    • introduced "semantic movements": add commands (and keybindings) to go to the next/previous phrase

    • support for completion in emacs 23

    • reporting of syntax errors

    • removed "idle-typing" feature

    • asynchronous fetching of types so that long signatures won't make emacs hang

  • extensions:

    • add support for "type nonrec" declaration

    • add support for "with compare" from type-conv

    • add partial support for "with fields" from type-conv

  • misc:

    • added specific support for omake's polling mode

  • vim:

    • ':TypeOf' command now accepts an (optional) argument and tries to type it in the current context (i.e. at cursor position)

    • better catching of errors

merlin 1.2

  • emacs:

    • add ML, MLI and merlin-goto-project-file commands

    • prints the type of completed entry on completion

    • various bugfixes

  • extensions:

    • merged support for ignoring P4_QUOTATION

    • merged support for js_of_ocaml syntax

    • support top-level lwt binding

    • merged support for oUnit

  • misc:

    • introduced 'REC' flag in .merlin: tells merlin to concatenate the current .merlin with the ones present in parents directories

    • added specific support for omake's polling mode.

  • vim:

    • bugfix for omnicompletion on versions <= 703

merlin 1.1

  • emacs:

    • Ported the completion to the usual `completion-at-point' system, disabled auto-complete-mode-by-default

    • reset now tells merlin about the current buffer name

    • merlin-mode comes with a menu

    • improved documentation of the mode

  • backend:

    • code cleanup

    • method completion

  • vim plugin: refactored synchronization code out

merlin 1.0

First release