package minima-theme

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Module type
Class type

Port of Jekyll Minima theme as an OCaml library

v1.0.0 — homepage

type t = {
  1. tmpl : string -> Soup.soup Soup.node;

Template handling

val v : ?base_dir:string -> unit -> t

v ?base_dir constructs a Minima_theme handler that uses templates from base_dir. If base_dir is not specified, it defaults to the value of opam config var minima-theme:share. This requires an active OPAM installation at the runtime of the library (this limitation will be lifted in a future release).

Convenience functions

val u : string -> Uri.t

u is a convenience alias for Uri.of_string

val replace_child : child:'a Soup.node -> Soup.element Soup.node -> unit
val replace_text : text:string -> Soup.element Soup.node -> unit