package mirage-clock-lwt

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Lwt-based implementation of the MirageOS Clock interface


Dune Dependency





v2.0.0 (2017-12-27)

  • Constrain the clock type t to unit to improve compatability with the webmachine CLOCK interface. All current implementations satisfy this interface so there shouldn't be an issue, but bumping the library major version number to reflect the interface change (#38 @hannesm)

  • Port library to Dune from jbuilder and use dune-release and the builtin dune.configurator to reduce the build dependency cone (#39 @avsm).

  • Remove unused variable warnings (#39 @avsm).

  • Update opam package metadata to 2.0 format (#39 @avsm).

  • Fixes to the ocamldoc comment headers for odoc compatibility (@avsm)

v1.4.1 (2018-08-03)

  • mirage-clock-unix: fix integer overflow on 32 bit (#37, @mattgray)

v1.4.0 (2017-07-25)

  • Add support for windows to mirage-clock-unix (#32, @fdopen and @samoht)

v1.3.0 (2017-06-19)

  • port to Jbuilder

v1.2.0 (2016-12-21)

  • import V1.MCLOCK and V1.PCLOCK from mirage-types under mirage-clock and mirage-clock-lwt

v1.1.0 (2015-01-05)

  • xen: pure OCaml implementation of Clock.gmtime

v1.0.0 (2013-12-07)

  • Remove unnecessary cstruct dependency.

  • Install ocamlfind packages as mirage-clock-xen and mirage-clock-unix.

  • Fix META file descriptions.

  • Add Travis tests.

v0.9.9 (2013-12-05)

  • Initial public release, based on mirage/mirage-platform#0.9.8