package mock

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Module type
Class type
type ('args, 'ret) t

A mock is something that can be used in place of function.

('args, 'ret) t is similar to 'args -> 'ret except that:

  • its return value (or effect) can be configured
  • it is possible to determine whether it has been called
val make : name:string -> ('args, 'ret) t

Build an unconfigured mock. Calling an unconfigured mock will raise an exception that contains the name of the mock.

val name : ('args, 'ret) t -> string

Retrieve the name of a mock.

type 'a side_effect

What a mock can evaluate to.

val not_configured : 'a side_effect

Evaluation is not possible. call will raise Mock_non_configured.

val return : 'a -> 'a side_effect

Return a value.

val raise : exn -> 'a side_effect

Raise an exception.

val configure : ('args, 'ret) t -> 'ret side_effect -> unit

Define what a mock should return.

val call : ('args, 'ret) t -> 'args -> 'ret

Call the mock:

  • record its arguments
  • perform its side effects
exception Mock_not_configured of string

call will raise this exception if the mock has not been configured.

val recorded_calls : ('args, 'ret) t -> 'args list

Return the list of arguments this mock has received. The list is in the same order as the calls.


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