package mparser

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A position-based interface to character streams.

The streams are optimized for applications that mostly read a stream sequentially and occasionally backtrack over a bounded distance, which is a common usage pattern of backtracking parsers.

The characters in a character stream provided by this module are accessed based on their position in the stream. A position pos is valid in the stream s if it satisfies 0 <= pos < length s. Character streams can be created from input channels and from strings.

type t

A character stream.

val from_string : string -> t

from_string s creates a character stream that contains the characters of the string s.

val from_channel : ?block_size:int -> ?block_overlap:int -> ?min_rspace:int -> Pervasives.in_channel -> t

from_channel ?block_size ?block_overlap ?min_rspace chn creates a character stream that contains the characters of the input channel chn. The behavior of the stream is undefined if the channel is modified subsequently.

When a character stream is created from an input channel, the characters in this channel are read in overlapping blocks, where block_size and block_overlap determine the size of a block and the amount of overlap. If the length of the channel is not greater than the block size, the whole channel is read at once. Otherwise, only a single block of the channel is kept in memory at a time. Whenever the current stream position leaves the part that is currently kept in memory, a new block is read from the channel. The channel must support seeking (i.e., must be created from a regular file) to enable this. If possible, blocks are read with the specified amount of overlap to minimize the re-reading of blocks due to backtracking. min_rspace specifies the minimum number of characters a regular expression is matched against (if possible) by match_regexp.

  • parameter block_size

    default: 1048576 characters, valid range: 1 <= block_size <= Sys.max_string_length.

  • parameter block_overlap

    default: block_size / 16, valid range: 1 <= block_overlap <= block_size / 2.

  • parameter min_rspace

    default: block_size / 64, valid range: 1 <= min_rspace <= block_overlap.

  • raises Invalid_argument

    if the arguments are invalid.

val length : t -> int

length s returns the number of characters in the stream s.

val seek : t -> int -> unit

seek s pos prepares the stream for reading from position pos. If pos is outside the block currently held in memory, a block containing pos is read, replacing the old block.

  • raises Invalid_argument

    if pos is not a valid stream position.

val read_char : t -> int -> char option

read_char s pos returns Some c if c is the character at position pos in s, or None if this position is not a valid position in s.

val read_string : t -> int -> int -> string

read_string s pos maxlen returns a string containing the next n characters in s, where n is the minimum of maxlen and the number of characters remaining from position pos. If pos is not a valid position in s, the empty string is returned.

val match_char : t -> int -> char -> bool

match_char s pos c is equivalent to read_char s pos = Some c.

val match_string : t -> int -> string -> bool

match_string s pos str is equivalent to read_string s pos (String.length str) = str.

module MakeRegexp (Regexp : MParser_Sig.Regexp) : sig ... end