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Multi-shot continuations in OCaml


Dune Dependency





Multicont version 1.0.2 (latest)

This release adds support for the anticipated release of OCaml 5.2.


  • Patch #7: OCaml 5.2 support (thanks to kit-ty-kate for the issue report #6; thanks to David Allsopp for reviewing the patch). The change accounts for the new continuation representation.

  • Added a basic testsuite runnable via dune runtest.

  • Fixed a memory leak in the rollback parsing example.

  • Added an entry about subtle interactions of unrestricted and linear effects in the "Cautionary tales" section of the README.

Multicont version 1.0.1

This release is a purely administrative release which ports the build infrastructure to dune in order to resolve the reported build issues (e.g.

Multicont version 1.0.0

To celebrate the recent stable release of OCaml 5, we release a stable version of this library fully compatible with OCaml 5. The only change between this version and the previous release candidates is that now we use the stock OCaml 5 primitives to manage runtime stacks (c.f. caml/fiber.h).

Multicont version 1.0.0~rc.2

Release candidate 2 brings the fiber primitives of multicont in sync with those in OCaml trunk @ b4cfe16.

Multicont version 1.0.0~rc.1

This is release candidate 1 (and initial release) of the multicont library for OCaml.

This release is compatible with the OCaml 5.0 trunk @ 7f7c0f5 and x64 architectures.