package named-pipe

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Module type
Class type
type t

A connection to a named pipe server

exception Pipe_busy

A pipe is busy if the server is not ready to accept more connections: perhaps it is still forking a thread for the previous one. A client should call the wait function to wait for a free slot.

val openpipe : string -> t

Connect to the named pipe server on the given path (e.g. \\.\pipe\foo). If the server isn't running then this raises Unix_error(Unix.ENOENT...). If the server isn't ready to accept a connection then this raises Pipe_busy, and the client should call wait.

val to_fd : t -> Unix.file_descr
val wait : string -> int -> unit

wait path ms wait for up to ms milliseconds for the server to become available. Returns when the server has a free slot: in this case the client should call openpipe again.