package nocrypto

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v0.5.4 2017-01-31:

  • Relicense from BSD2 to ISC.

  • Support MirageOS 3.0.

  • Replace OASIS with topkg.

  • Stricter base64 decoding.

v0.5.3 2016-03-21:

  • Move from Camlp4 to PPX.

  • Tweaked the supporting Cstruct module's API.

  • Dh.shared returns option instead of throwing if the public message is degenerate.

  • Base64.decode returns option instead of throwing

0.5.2 2015-12-03:

  • Avoid including intrinsics-related headers if SSE/AES-NI is disabled.

  • Replace opam variable nocrypto-inhibit-modernity with $NOCRYPTO_NO_ACCEL.

  • Remove cstruct equality.

0.5.1 2015-07-07:

  • Disable AES-NI if not supported in the ./configure step.

  • Support the global opam variable nocrypto-inhibit-modernity.

0.5.0 2015-07-02:

  • Support for AES-NI and SSE2.

  • Support RSA-OAEP and RSA-PSS.

  • Drop ctypes for internal C calls.

  • Generate smaller secret exponents for DH, making operations on large groups much faster.

  • Support dynamic switching of RNG algorithms and decouple Rng from Fortuna.

  • Module for injectring entropy into RNG on pure Unix (optional).

  • Nocrypto_entropy_lwt.initialize no longer needs to be synchronized on.

  • Renamed module signatures and modules containing only signatures from T to S.

  • Changes to CTR, CBC, Rsa and Dh APIs.

0.4.0 2015-05-02:

  • Module for injecting entropy into RNG on Unix/Lwt (optional).

  • Module for injecting entropy into RNG on Mirage/Xen (optional; depends on mirage-entropy-xen).

  • API changes in Rng.

  • Do not 0-pad DH public and shared representations.

  • More named DH groups.

0.3.1 2015-02-01:

0.3.0 2014-12-21:

  • Removed ad-hoc key marshalling functions as key material typically comes non-trivially encoded anyways.

  • Changed how module interfaces for the packed module are handled: module type of constructs are gone.

  • More consistent errors in Rsa.

  • Small API breakage here and there.

0.2.2 2014-11-04:

  • Replaced hashing sources with the ones from hs-cryptohash ( by Vincent Hanquez.

  • Renamed various symbols likely to conflict with other crypto libraries.

0.2.0 2014-10-30:

  • DSA (initial version contributed by Hannes Mehnert

  • CCM mode for AES (contributed by Hannes Mehnert

  • Switched from hand written stubs to ctypes for intefacing with the C code.

  • Packed the module to avoid clobbering global namespace; some modules renamed.

  • Various bugfixes and improvements.

0.1.0 2014-07-08:

  • Initial (beta) release.