package nuscr

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An UntaggedName is a module type, used as a basis to create TaggedName. A name is used to store identifiers of various kinds, including a string that is the identifier itself, and a location of its occurence.

type t
val sexp_of_t : t -> Sexplib0.Sexp.t
val of_string : Base.string -> t

Creates a name from a string, with a default location (unspecified)

val rename : t -> Base.string -> t

Change the identifier, without changing the location

val update : t -> f:(Base.string -> Base.string) -> t

Update the identifier with function ~f, without changing the location

val user : t -> Base.string

Prints the identifier in a user-friendly format, i.e. without the location

val where : t -> Loc.t

Gives the location of the identifier

val create : Base.string -> Loc.t -> t

Creates a name from an identifier and a location

val hash : t ->

Hash (identifier only, location ignored)

include Base.Comparable.S with type t := t
include Base.Comparisons.S with type t := t
include Base.Comparisons.Infix with type t := t
val (>=) : t -> t -> bool
val (<=) : t -> t -> bool
val (=) : t -> t -> bool
val (>) : t -> t -> bool
val (<) : t -> t -> bool
val (<>) : t -> t -> bool
val equal : t -> t -> bool
val compare : t -> t -> int

compare t1 t2 returns 0 if t1 is equal to t2, a negative integer if t1 is less than t2, and a positive integer if t1 is greater than t2.

val min : t -> t -> t
val max : t -> t -> t
val ascending : t -> t -> int

ascending is identical to compare. descending x y = ascending y x. These are intended to be mnemonic when used like List.sort ~compare:ascending and List.sort ~cmp:descending, since they cause the list to be sorted in ascending or descending order, respectively.

val descending : t -> t -> int
val between : t -> low:t -> high:t -> bool

between t ~low ~high means low <= t <= high

val clamp_exn : t -> min:t -> max:t -> t

clamp_exn t ~min ~max returns t', the closest value to t such that between t' ~low:min ~high:max is true.

Raises if not (min <= max).

val clamp : t -> min:t -> max:t -> t Base.Or_error.t
include Base.Comparator.S with type t := t
type comparator_witness

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