package obus

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Module type
Class type

Manipulation of D-Bus addresses

type guid = OBus_uuid.t

A unique address identifier. Each server's listening address has a unique one.

type t = {
  1. name : string;

    The transport name

  2. args : (string * string) list;

    Arguments of the address


Type of an address

val name : t -> string

name projection

val args : t -> (string * string) list

args Projection

val make : name:string -> args:(string * string) list -> t

Creates an address

val arg : string -> t -> string option

arg key address returns the value of argument key, if any

val guid : t -> guid option

Returns the address guid, if any

To/from string conversion
exception Parse_failure of string * int * string

Parse_failure(string, position, reason) exception raised when parsing a string failed.

val of_string : string -> t list

of_string str parse str and return the list of addresses defined in it.

val to_string : t list -> string

to_string addresses return a string representation of a list of addresses

Well-known addresses
val system : t list Lwt.t Lazy.t

The list of addresses for system bus

val session : t list Lwt.t Lazy.t

The list of addresses for session bus

val default_system : t list

The default addresses for the system bus

val default_session : t list

The default addresses for the session bus


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