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Lightweight completion and documentation browsing for OCaml libraries


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ocp-index is a light-weight tool and library providing easy access to the information contained in your OCaml cmi/cmt/cmti files. It can be used to provide features like library interface browsing, auto-completion, show-type and goto-source.

This source tree builds:

  • ocp-index.lib, the engine as a library

  • the ocp-index command-line tool

  • the ocp-grep command-line tool, that can search code for a given qualified OCaml ident (including uses after opens, etc.)

  • the ocp-browser tool, which is a browser for installed OCaml APIs on the terminal

The first tree are part of opam package ocp-index, and the latter is in its own ocp-browser package.

ocp-index is part of TypeRex, developed and maintained by OCamlPro. Documentation to install and use this tool is available on

It is released under LGPL v3 with linking exception.