package odoc

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Module type
Class type
module Compilation_unit : sig ... end
module Compile : sig ... end

Produces .odoc files out of .cm{i,t,ti} or .mld files.

module Css_file : sig ... end
module Depends : sig ... end

Computes the dependencies required for each step of the pipeline to work correctly on a given input.

module Env : sig ... end

Management of the documentation environment.

module Fs : sig ... end

Utilities to manipulate files and paths.

module Highlight_js : sig ... end
module Html_fragment : sig ... end

Produces html fragment files from a mld file.

module Html_page : sig ... end

Produces .html files from a .odoc file.

module Or_error : sig ... end
module Page : sig ... end
module Root : sig ... end
module Support_files : sig ... end

Copies odoc's support files (default theme and JS files) to a specified location.

module Targets : sig ... end