package oseq

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This interface is designed to make it easy to build complex streams of values in a way that resembles Python's generators (using "yield").

let naturals : int OSeq.t = OSeq.Generator.(
    let rec aux n = yield n >>= fun () -> aux (n+1) in
    run (aux 0)
type 'a tree = E | N of 'a tree * 'a * 'a tree

let traverse (t:'a tree) : 'a OSeq.t =
  let open OSeq.Generator in
  let rec trav = function
    | E -> empty
    | N (l,v,r) -> trav l >>= fun () -> yield v >>= fun () -> trav r
  run (trav t)
type 'a t

Type for writing generators (of type 'a OSeq.Generator.t) that can be used to construct an iterator of type 'a OSeq.t

val empty : 'a t

Empty generator, yields no value

val yield : 'a -> 'a t

Yield one value

val (>>=) : 'a t -> (unit -> 'a t) -> 'a t

gen1 >>= fun () -> gen2 first yields all values from gen1, and then all values from gen2

val delay : (unit -> 'a t) -> 'a t

Delayed generator, will evaluate the function when needed

val run : 'a t -> 'a seq

Iterator over the values yielded by the generator


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