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Bindings for Toggl API in OCaml


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Bindings for Toggl API in OCaml.

Toggl Tracking is a time tracking solution that comes with multiple features that would be out of scope of this document.

This project tries to implement as many features as possible, starting with the ones needed to implement a basic time tracker synchronized with Toggl. As the Toggl API is quite rich and this is a one person's work, if you need specific endpoints to be implemented, please file an issue.


This package is not yet released on Opam so for the moment you need to pin it to this repository:

opam pin add otoggl
opam install otoggl


Module Toggl.Auth

This module contains the necessary modules and functors to create an authenticated client to connect to the Toggl Tracking API.

Module Toggl.Api

This module contains a functor, which takes as argument a Client module created with the previous module, and which then gives access to the following modules.


A time entry is the basic time tracking unit. It consists in a task with a description and certain time attributes (start and end times, duration), as well as specific identifiers (own id, workspace, user, project) and tags.

This module contains the manipulation functions to start, stop, create, get , delete and modify time entries.


A project regroups time entries. A time entry can have at most one project, and we can get statistics by project.


In Toggl, a Workspace is a high level entity that regroups projects and time entries, and it can have specific settings as well.


Take a look at our Contributing Guide.