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OCaml Scientific and Engineering Computing - Zoo


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0.6.0 (2019-07-17)

  • Add unsafe network save (#429)

  • Sketch Count-Min and Heavy-Hitters

  • Various ugfixes

  • Owl_io.marshal_to_file: use to_channel

  • Do not create .owl folder when loading owl library

  • Re-design of exceptions and replace asserts with verify


  • Reorganise Algodiff module

  • Add parameter support to Zoo

  • Two new features in algodiff: eye and linsolve (triangular option) + improved stability of qr and chol

  • Implemented solve triangular

  • Added linsolve and lq reverse-mode differentiation

  • Fix build on archlinux (pkg-config cblas)

  • Add median and sort along in ndarray

  • Improve stability of lyapunov gradient tests

0.5.0 (2019-03-05)

  • Improve building and installation.

  • Fix bugs and improve performance.

  • Add more functions to Algodiff.

  • Split plot module out as sub library.

  • Split Tfgraph module out as sub library.

0.4.2 (2018-11-10)

  • Optimise computation graph module.

  • Add some core math functions.

  • Fix bugs and improve performance.

0.4.1 (2018-11-01)

  • Improve the APIs of Dataframe module.

  • Add more functions in Utils module.

0.4.0 (2018-08-08)

  • Fix some bugs and improve performance.

  • Introduce computation graph into the functor stack.

  • Optimise repeat and tile function in the core.

  • Adjust the OpenCL library according to computation graph.

  • Improve the API of Dataframe module.

  • Add more implementation of convolution operations.

  • Add dilated convolution functions.

  • Add transposed convolution functions.

  • Add more neurons into the Neural module.

  • Add more unit tests for core functions.

  • Move from jbuilder to dune

  • Assuage many warnings

0.3.8 (2018-05-22)

  • Add initial support for dataframe functionality.

  • Add IO module for Owl's specific file operations.

  • Add more helper functions in Array module in Base.

  • Add core functions such as one_hot, slide, and etc.

  • Fix normalisation neuron in neural network module.

  • Fix building, installation, and publishing on OPAM.

  • Fix broadcasting issue in Algodiff module.

  • Support negative axises in some ndarray functions.

  • Add more statistical distribution functions.

  • Add another higher level wrapper for CBLAS module.

0.3.7 (2018-04-25)

  • Fix some bugs and improve performance.

  • Fix some docker files for automatic image building.

  • Move more pure OCaml implementation to base library.

  • Add a new math module to support complex numbers.

  • Improve the configuration and building system.

  • Improve the automatic documentation building system.

  • Change template code into C header files.

  • Add initial support for OpenMP with evaluation.

  • Tidy up packaging using TOPKG.

0.3.6 (2018-03-22)

  • Fix some bugs and improve performance.

  • Add more unit tests for Ndarray module.

  • Add version control in Zoo gist system.

  • Add tensor contract operations in Ndarray.

  • Add more documentation of various functions.

  • Add support of complex numbers of convolution and pooling functions.

  • Enhance Owl's own Array submodule in Utils module.

  • Fix pretty printer for rank 0 ndarrays.

  • Add functions to iterate slices in an ndarray.

  • Adjust the structure of OpenCL module.

0.3.5 (2018-03-12)

  • Add functions for numerical integration.

  • Add functions for interoperation.

  • Add several root-finding algorithms.

  • Introduce Owl's exception module.

  • Add more functions in Linalg module.

  • Add native convolution function in core.

  • Remove Eigen dependency of dense data structure.

  • Fix some bugs and improve performance.

0.3.4 (2018-02-26)

  • Update README, ACKNOWLEDGEMENT, and etc.

  • Initial implementation of OpenCL Context module.

  • Fix some bugs and improve the performance.

  • Add Adam learning rate algorithm in Optimise module.

  • Add a number of statistical functions into Stats.

  • Enhance View functor and add more functions.

  • Include and documentation of NLP modules.

  • Add dockerfile for various linux distributions.

0.3.3 (2018-02-12)

  • Fix some bugs and improve the performance.

  • Integrate with Owl's documentation system.

  • Add native C implementation of pooling operations.

  • Add more operators in Operator module.

  • Add more functions in Linalg module.

  • Optimise the Base library.

  • Add more unit tests.

0.3.2 (2018-02-08)

  • Fix some bugs and improve the performance.

  • Functorise many unit tests and add more tests.

  • Rewrite the documentation migrate to Sphinx system.

  • Migrate many pure OCaml code into Base library.

  • Implement the initial version of Base library.

0.3.1 (2018-01-25)

  • Design View module as an experimental module for Ndarray.

  • Include Mersenne Twister (SFMT) to generate random numbers.

  • Implement random number generator of various distributions.

  • Implement native functions for maths and stats module.

  • Include FFTPACK to provide native support for FFT functions.

  • Minimise dependency, remove dependencies on Gsl and etc.

  • Implement slicing and indexing as native C functions.

  • Use new extended indexing operators for slicing functions.

  • Refine ndarray fold function and introduce scan function.

  • Reorganise the module structure in the source tree.

  • Fix some bugs and enhance the performance of core functions.

  • Add another 200+ unit tests.

0.3.0 (2017-12-05)

  • Migrate to jbuilder building system.

  • Unify Dense Ndarray and Matrix types.

  • Split Toplevel out as a separate library.

  • Redesign Zoo system for recursive importing.

  • Simplify the module signature for Ndarray.

  • Introduce functions in Ndarray module to support in-place modification.

  • Introduce reduction functions to reduce an ndarray to a scalar value.

  • Add Lazy functor to support lazy evaluation, dataflow, and incremental computing.

  • Implement a new and more powerful pretty printer to support both ndarray and matrix.

  • Fix bugs in the core module, improve the performance.

0.2.8 (2017-09-02)

  • New Linalg module is implemented.

  • New neural network module supports both single and double precision.

  • New Optimise and Regression module is built atop of Algodiff.

  • Experimental Zoo system is introduced as a separate library.

  • Enhance core functions and fix some bugs.

0.2.7 (2017-07-11)

  • Enhance basic math operations for complex numbers.

  • Redesign Plot module and add more plotting functions.

  • Add more hypothesis test functions in Owl.Stats module.

  • Support both numerical and algorithmic differentiation in Algodiff.

  • Support both matrices and n-dimensional arrays in Algodiff module.

  • Support interoperation of different number types in Ext and new operators.

  • Support more flexible slicing, tile, repeat, and concatenate functions.

  • Support n-dimensional array of any types in Dense.Ndarray.Any module.

  • Support simple feedforward and convolutional neural networks.

  • Support experimental distributed and parallel computing.

0.2.0 (2017-01-20)

  • Support both dense and sparse matrices.

  • Support both dense and sparse n-dimensional arrays.

  • Support both real and complex numbers.

  • Support both single and double precisions.

  • Add more vectorised operation: sin, cos, ceil, and etc.

  • Add basic unit test framework for Owl.

  • Add a couple of Topic modelling algorithms.

0.1.0 (2016-11-09)

  • Initial architecture of Owl library.

  • Basic support for double precision real dense matrices.

  • Basic linear functions for dense matrices.

  • Basic support for plotting functions.

  • SI, MKS, CGS, and CGSM metric system.


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