package pkcs11

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type t = P11_attribute.pack list
val equal : t -> t -> Ppx_deriving_runtime.bool
val compare : t -> t ->
val to_yojson : t -> Yojson.Safe.t
val to_string : t -> string
val get : t -> 'a P11_attribute_type.t -> 'a option

Return the value of the first occurrence of an attribute.

val get_pack : t -> P11_attribute_type.pack -> P11_attribute.pack option
val mem : P11_attribute.pack -> t -> bool
val normalize : t -> t
val attribute_types : t -> P11_attribute_type.pack list
val set_attribute : P11_attribute.pack -> t -> t

set_attribute attribute template replaces the value of attribute in template if it already exists and adds attribute otherwise.

val remove_attribute : P11_attribute.pack -> t -> t

remove_attribute attribute template removes the value attribute from template if present. If the attribute_type of attribute is present with a different value, does nothing.

val remove_attribute_type : P11_attribute_type.pack -> t -> t

remove_attribute attribute_type template removes the attribute type attribute_type from template if present with any value.

val fold : ('a -> t -> t) -> 'a list -> t -> t

Iterate one of the above operation. Same as List.fold_right

val union : t -> t -> t

union template1 template2 concatenates the templates. If an attribute is present in both template1 and template2, the value in template1 is kept.

val only_attribute_types : P11_attribute_type.pack list -> t -> t

only_attribute_types attr_types template keeps only the attributes in template that are present in attr_types.

val except_attribute_types : P11_attribute_type.pack list -> t -> t

except_attribute_types attr_types template removes all the attributes in template that are present in attr_types.

val find_attribute_types : P11_attribute_type.pack list -> t -> t option

find_attribute_types l template look up for the value of each attribute type in the list l in template. Return None if one or several attribute types cannot be found in template.

val correspond : source:t -> tested:t -> bool

correspond source tested check if tested match source. It means that it will return true if All the elements in source are present in tested.

val diff : source:t -> tested:t -> P11_attribute.pack list * P11_attribute.pack list

diff source tested search for all the elements of source that are not equal to an element of tested.

It returns a tuple with the list of elements from source which are expected but not found in tested and a list of elements which are found but with a different value.

val hash : t -> Digest.t

hash template creates a digest from a template.

It sorts the elements of the template to be sure to have the same digest for two templates that have attributes in different orders.


val get_class : t -> P11_object_class.t option
val get_key_type : t -> P11_key_type.t option
val get_label : t -> string option

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