package ppx_bench

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The point of Benchmark_accumulator is to provide a global place where inline benchmarking macros can register themselves. Once registered here, the benchmarks are retrieved and analyzed using Core_bench.

This module holds the registered benchmarks in a global hashtable indexed by library name. We care about the registered benchmarks if and only if the library is being used in a inline_benchmarks_runner.exe. To avoid building this hashtable in cases where we will not use it, this module peeks into the commandline args of the running program to decide if the benchmarks should be registered or not.

module Current_libname : sig ... end
module Entry : sig ... end
val add_environment_var : bool

add_environment_var returns true if the benchmarks should be added to the hashtable

val lookup_lib : libname:string -> Entry.t list

lookup_lib returns all the benchmarks from the specified library

val add_bench : name:string -> code:string -> filename:string -> type_conv_path:string -> line:int -> startpos:int -> endpos:int -> Entry.test_spec -> unit

add_bench registers benchmarks with the global hashtable maintained in ppx_bench_lib. This is meant to be called by the code generated for the BENCH and BENCH_INDEXED macros

val add_bench_module : name:string -> code:string -> type_conv_path:string -> filename:string -> line:int -> startpos:int -> endpos:int -> (unit -> unit) -> unit

add_bench_module adds a bench module name to the benchmarks. This is called by BENCH_MODULE macro


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