package ppx_core

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Standard library for ppx rewriters


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  • We currently reject code which contains attribute on constructor inside polymorphic variant types definition. The reason is that while there is a dedicated place for them in the AST, the surface syntax didn't allow one to write such attributes.

    This won't be true anymore once we switch to 4.03 as documentation comments present in these locations get turned into attributes.

  • accept attributes on object types fields.

  • Make all ppx rewriters context free. We currently have an API for context free extension expanders but other kind of transformations still require a full AST traversal, even though they are all local transformations.

    This features adds the necessary bits to make it possible to merge all the transformations in one pass. This both improve speed and semantic. Speed as we do less passes, and semantic as the resulting AST is completely independent of the order in which transformations are listed in jbuild files.

    Passes before this feature:

    $ ppx.exe -print-passes



    The resulting driver is about twice faster, which might help compilation speed.


  • Kill the nonrec rewrite done by typerep. It is no longer needed since 4.02.2, we kept it only for compatibility with the camlp4 code.

  • Merlin uses @merlin.* ... attributes in different places. Which ppx_driver reports as unused.

    Introduce the concept of reserved namespaces. When one declares the namespace "foo" as reserved then:

    • foo.* will never get reported as unused

    • it is impossible to Attribute.declare "foo.*"

    Mark the "merlin" namespace as reserved by default.

  • Don't print:

    Extension `foo' was not translated. Hint: Did you mean foo?

  • OCaml makes no distinctions between "foo" and {whatever|foo|whatever}. The delimiter choice is simply left to the user.

    Do the same in our ppx rewriters: i.e. wherever we accept "foo", also accept {whatever|foo|whatever}.

  • Avoid stupid hints like this one:

    Attribute default' was not used. Hint: default' is available for label declarations but is used here in the context of a label declaration. Did you put it at the wrong level?

  • Update the API for the common case of extension point expanders.

    Make it simpler to define ppx rewriters that locally expand extension points, which is the majority of our non-type-conv rewriters.

    Such expanders are run inside the same in a top-down manner which:

    • probably improve speed

    • help with rewriters that capture a pretty-print of their payload

    • help with rewriter that interpret some extension points in a special way inside their payload

  • Fix the order in which errors are reported by ppx rewriters. Make them be reported in the same order as they appear.

  • Mark attributes as handled inside explicitly dropped pieces of code.

    So that a @@deriving inside a let%test dropped by ppx_inline_test_drop doesn't cause a failure.