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PPX rewriter that enables string interpolation.



This PPX implements string interpolation with embedded expressions,
thus enabling simple and powerful templates for code generation and
pretty printing. In contrast to printf, string interpolation does not
separate embedded variables and context, which is important for
medium-size strings (several lines).

Quick Start

Plugin uses bash-style syntax for string interpolation and
the type of variables and expressions is assumed to be string
by default:

let name = "world" in
    [%string "Hello $name!"]

Embedded expressions should be enclosed in parentheses:

let hello = "Hello" and world = "world" in
    [%string "$(hello ^ \" \" ^ world)!"]

Non-string types

Since this PPX run before type inference and type checking, rewriter should
have the information about the types of embedded values via Printf.printf
format specifiers:

let a = 1 and b = 1.0 in
    [%string {|We know, that %d$a == %f$b is %b$(a = int_of_float b)!|}]

Advanced usage

The extension is essentially syntax sugar for the Printf.sprintf function.
The format is assumed to be anything between % and the next $. The expression
string is determined by searching for balanced parentheses.

Both $ and % symbols can be escaped, i.e. double % and
double $ result in single characters:

[%string "This is $$ and %%!"] = "This is $ and %!"

If the expression is commented out, the PPX dumps the comment with format,
without checking for the type of the format:

[%string "The first pythagorean triple: %d$(3), 4, %d$(*5?*)"] =
    "The first pythagorean triple: 3, 4, %d$(*5?*)"


To build the project use dune build.


To install the package run dune install.


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