package prometheus

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A collection of metric reporters. Usually, only CollectorRegistry.default is used.

type t

A collection of metrics to be monitored.

The result of reading a set of metrics.

val create : unit -> t

create () is a fresh registry. This is mostly useful for testing.

val default : t

The default registry.

val collect : t -> snapshot Lwt.t

Read the current value of each metric.

val register : t -> MetricInfo.t -> (unit -> Sample_set.t LabelSetMap.t) -> unit

register t metric collector adds metric to the set of metrics being collected. It will call collector () to collect the values each time collect is called.

val register_lwt : t -> MetricInfo.t -> (unit -> Sample_set.t LabelSetMap.t Lwt.t) -> unit

register_lwt t metric collector is the same as register t metrics collector but collector returns Sample_set.t LabelSetMap.t Lwt.t.

val register_pre_collect : t -> (unit -> unit) -> unit

register_pre_collect t fn arranges for fn () to be called at the start of each collection. This is useful if one expensive call provides information about multiple metrics.

val register_pre_collect_lwt : t -> (unit -> unit Lwt.t) -> unit

register_pre_collect t fn same as register_pre_collect but fn returns unit Lwt.t.